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65 Best Coastal Christmas Tree Ideas for a Beach Christmas

You’re dreaming of a beach Christmas and coastal christmas tree ideas, aren’t you?

Imagine twinkling lights reflecting off seashells and soft, sandy hues replacing traditional red and green. There’s a touch of the ocean in every ornament.

Dive into our list of 65 best coastal Christmas tree ideas and let’s bring the beach to your living room.

From nautical blues to starfish tree toppers, you’ll find your perfect seaside celebration here.

Let’s make your Christmas tree a coastal wonderland this year!

A blue and white christmas tree in a living room.

65 Chic Coastal Christmas Tree Ideas for a Beach Christmas

Nautical Blue Christmas Tree

Why not transform your traditional green tree into a stunning nautical blue Christmas tree this festive season?

Your home could reflect the tranquillity of the ocean with our best coastal Christmas tree ideas.

Imagine a wave of deep blues and shimmering silvers, topped with a starfish or a sailboat. Now you’re sailing into a coastal-inspired holiday!

Evoke the essence of beach Christmas with eclectic ornaments like seashells, sea horses, anchors, and fish.

Weave in a string of twinkling white lights for a magical glow, reminiscent of a starlit beach night.

Craft your own beach theme Christmas tree, a fresh take on coastal Christmas tree decorating ideas.

You don’t have to live by the coast to enjoy coastal Christmas decorating ideas. So, dive into our best beach themed Christmas and anchor your festive spirit in nautical bliss.

Seashell Adorned Tree

A pink flamingo ornament hangs from a christmas tree.

Though you may not have considered it before, decking out your Christmas tree with seashells can create a unique and enchanting coastal vibe in your home.

Imagine a coastal Christmas tree adorned with seashells and starfish, creating a mesmerizing beach Christmas tree right in your living room.

This innovative Christmas decor idea marries the joy of the season with the tranquility of coastal living.

You can collect seashells from your favorite beach, or buy them from local artisans. String them onto thin wire or use hot glue to attach them to ornament hooks.

Interweave these seashell ornaments with twinkling lights, creating an ethereal, beach-themed Christmas decor.

This is one of the most innovative decorating ideas that will bring a slice of the beach into your Christmas decorations.

Sandy Beach Ornament Ideas

After you’ve adorned your tree with seashells, another fantastic idea is to add sandy beach ornaments to give your Christmas tree a more authentic coastal touch.

You’ll find a wealth of sandy beach ornament ideas that can transform your beach home into a coastal holiday wonderland.

Consider adding beachy ornaments such as driftwood sailboat ornaments that sail on a sea of twinkling lights, or sea glass baubles that capture the iridescent glow of the ocean.

Don’t forget starfish ornaments to bring the magic of the sea right into your living room. Each piece adds a coastal-inspired charm that’s sure to impress your holiday guests.

Starfish Tree Toppers

Starfish ornaments hanging on a christmas tree.

In the spirit of a beach-themed Christmas, you can’t overlook the importance of a starfish tree topper, which adds a unique coastal sparkle to your holiday decor.

This ornament isn’t just a simple decoration; it’s a whimsical nod to the coastal theme you’re aiming for.

When you place a starfish tree topper on your Christmas tree, you’re infusing a generous dose of coastal vibe into your festive setting.

A coastal Christmas tree with starfish not only captures the essence of the seaside but also brings that serene, oceanic touch to your indoor festivities.

Miniature Beach Hut Decorations

While you’re making your Christmas tree shine with a starfish topper, don’t forget to add some adorable miniature beach hut decorations to further enhance that coastal vibe.

These tiny coastal treasures will surely bring an ocean view right into your living room, even if you don’t live in a beach house.

Consider a flocked coastal Christmas tree, its branches dusted with snow, as the perfect backdrop for your beachy decor.

The best beach-inspired interior design ideas often have some whimsy, and what better way to achieve this than with quaint miniature beach huts?

They’ll add charm and a sense of fun to your coastal tree.

Maritime Rope Garland Ideas

A christmas tree on the beach with decorations.

Although you’ve already adorned your tree with miniature beach huts, don’t think you’re done yet; it’s time to consider adding a maritime rope garland to your coastal Christmas tree.

This maritime rope garland can enhance the coastal charm and bring a gorgeous coastal Christmas vibe to your holiday decor.

Here are four maritime rope garland ideas that will complete your Christmas tree ideas:

  • Classic Twist: Use a simple twisted rope as a garland, pairing it with blue and silver glass ornaments for a color theme that echoes the sea.
  • Nautical Knots: Try tying nautical knots in your rope for added maritime flair.
  • Burlap Mix: Intertwine your rope with a burlap ribbon for a rustic touch.
  • Seashell Adornments: Attach small shells to your garland to truly bring the beach to your Christmas decorating ideas.

Decorate Your Tree with Lighted Palm Tree Concepts

You’ll love these five illuminating palm tree concepts that’ll bring a warm, tropical vibe to your coastal Christmas decor.

  • The White Christmas Tree Palm: This innovative design incorporates a white Christmas tree, artfully adorned with silvery garland and blue and white ornaments, to mimic the look of a frost-kissed palm tree.
  • The Driftwood Palm: Crafted from pieces of sun-bleached driftwood, this tree is a unique addition to your holiday home.
  • Garland Palm: Wrap a traditional palm tree in a colorful garland, creating a festive balance of tropical and traditional.
  • Merry Christmas Palm: This tree sports ‘Merry Christmas’ ornaments like no other, glowing warmly in your beachside abode.
  • The Rope Garland Palm: This rustic concept uses rope garland and colorful ornaments, providing a nautical twist.

Coastal Angel Tree Toppers

A christmas tree decorated with sea shells.

Even though you’re miles from the traditional snowy Christmas, your beach-themed tree isn’t complete until you’ve crowned it with a coastal angel tree topper.

These toppers add a unique touch to your flocked Christmas tree, making it a beacon of seaside cheer.

  • Aqua Angel: A turquoise angel, clad in aqua, complements white flocked branches and mirrors the hues of the sea.
  • Faux Seashell Angel: This angel, decked in faux seashell wings, brings the beach to your tree.
  • White Ornament Angel: Paired with a pale blue tree skirt, this angel harmonizes with white ornaments, creating a serene scene.
  • Flock Angel: An angel made from flock material, adding texture to your tree.

As your Christmas tree is filled with coastal charm, these angels stand as festive sentinels, merging tradition with beach-inspired innovation.

Teal Oceanic Glass Ball Ornaments with Greenery

After you’ve chosen your coastal angel topper, it’s time to add another sparkling element to your beach-themed coastal Christmas decor ideas with oceanic glass ball ornaments on your tree.

These chic baubles, reminiscent of glass floats, bring the ocean right into your living room.

Imagine a sailboat bobbing along the teal waters, a buoy marking its path, and these ornaments capturing that tranquil scene.

Their cool blue and green hues blend seamlessly with the greenery of the tree, and a simple blue ribbon could be used to hang them.

Perhaps nestled beside Christmas stockings, these ball ornaments aren’t just decorations, but also potential Christmas gifts.

Each one, unique and handcrafted, mirrors the endless, ever-changing beauty of the ocean, adding an unforgettable touch to your coastal Christmas.

Under-the-Sea Themed Tree

A christmas tree on the beach with ornaments.

Diving deeper into your coastal Christmas theme, consider transforming your tree into an enchanting under-the-sea spectacle.

Imagine a Christmas mantel, festooned with burlap and sisal, echoing the texture of a sandy beach.

An innovative idea for touch device users, explore by touch, and let your creativity flow.

Here are four ways to plunge into this marine adventure:

  • Drape a burlap bow atop your tree, hinting at rustic fishing nets.
  • Driftwood and sea urchins can double as unique ornaments.
  • A wreath woven from seaweed and sisal could replace traditional garland.
  • Stockings, when adorned with tiny shells, can add a whimsical touch.

Driftwood Christmas Tree Ideas

Harnessing the beauty of driftwood, you can continue your coastal Christmas journey with a tree that truly embodies the spirit of the beach.

Picture a chandelier of driftwood branches, suspended from your deck, adorned with twinkling lights and your favs of beach-themed ornaments.

This unique Christmas tree is a perfect centerpiece for your Christmas kitchen, bringing the charm of the coast right to your home.

Complement this tree with throw pillows depicting sea creatures or coastal landscapes around your space, enhancing your beach Christmas decor.

Thank you so much for sharing your love for the beach with us this holiday season.

Get creative, and let the magic of driftwood transform your holiday decor into a coastal Christmas paradise.

Coastal White Christmas Tree

A christmas tree with presents in front of a fireplace.

Moving on to the Coastal White Christmas Tree, you’ll find it’s a breath-taking way to bring a beachy feel into your holiday decor.

This style is all about clean, crisp lines, and a fresh, tranquil vibe.

  • White Tree: Start with a blank canvas, a pure white tree. It’s the perfect reflection of pristine snow or foamy ocean waves.
  • Coastal Ornaments: Adorn your tree with hues of blues, greys, and silvers to mimic the sea. Seashells, starfish, and sand dollars work great.
  • Twinkle Lights: Opt for cool white lights. They’ll give off a chill, wintery glow, just like moonlight on the sea.
  • Natural Touches: Complete the look with driftwood garland and a burlap tree skirt.

This Coastal White Christmas Tree, with its refined aesthetics and innovative ornamentation, will make your holiday season feel like a beach escape.

Tropical Fruit Decorations

Next, for an extra splash of color and a truly unique touch, you can’t beat decorating your coastal Christmas tree with tropical fruit ornaments.

Think of vibrant oranges, luscious limes, and brilliant bananas, all intricately crafted from glass or fabric, and shimmering under the twinkling Christmas lights.

You could even opt for exotic dragon fruits, juicy papayas, or delicate kiwis for a more unusual flair.

Hang them from your tree’s branches, nestle them amongst the fronds, or use them as a striking centerpiece.

With their rich hues and glossy finishes, these tropical fruit decorations won’t only add a warm, summery feel to your festive decor but also create a captivating visual feast that’s sure to impress your guests and make your Christmas truly unforgettable.

Sea Glass Christmas Tree

A christmas tree decorated with white and blue ornaments.

If you’re a fan of beachcombing, you’ll adore the idea of a sea glass Christmas tree. This innovative concept combines your love for the beach with the festive spirit of Christmas.

Imagine a tree adorned with beautiful pieces of sea glass, each reflecting the colors of the ocean.

  • Collecting the Sea Glass: Begin your project by beachcombing for sea glass. You’ll need different sizes and colors for variety.
  • Designing Your Tree: Next, arrange your sea glass pieces into a tree shape on a canvas or board.
  • Adhering the Sea Glass: Use a strong adhesive to attach the sea glass to your chosen base.
  • Finishing Touches: Lastly, add a starfish at the top and some twinkling fairy lights for an enchanting finish.

This sea glass Christmas tree will bring a unique coastal charm to your holiday decor.

Nautical Flag Inspired Tree

Switching gears from the sea glass tree, you’re going to love our next coastal Christmas tree idea inspired by nautical flags.

Imagine a tree adorned with vibrant hues of blue, red, and yellow, each ornament telling a story through the language of seafarers.

The nautical flag inspired tree combines the spirit of the sea with the joy of the holiday season. Use small, square ornaments, each painted to resemble a different nautical flag.

Picture the ‘A’ flag, a white and blue diagonal split, next to the ‘B’, a red rectangle. Each flag, a symbol of a letter or phrase, adds a unique layer of depth to your tree.

It’s a Christmas tree that marries tradition with innovation, a sure conversation starter at your holiday get-together.

Blue and White Striped Decorating Idea

After exploring the vibrant nautical flag inspired tree, you’ll find that a blue and white striped decor offers a serene and elegant twist to your coastal Christmas tree theme.

The design encapsulates the calmness of the sea and the purity of white sands, bringing a tranquil beach atmosphere right into your living room.

  • Blue and White Striped Ornaments: These add an artistic touch that’s both modern and timeless.
  • White Pearl Garlands: They emulate the exquisite beauty of pearls found in oysters.
  • Blue Fairy Lights: They give a magical glow, reminiscent of bioluminescent waves lapping on the shore.
  • Nautical Star Tree Topper: A symbol of guidance, it completes the maritime theme.

Embrace these ideas for a unique, stylish, and serene coastal Christmas.

Sea Creature Christmas Ornaments

A christmas tree on the beach with a santa hat on it.

Diving deeper into the coastal theme, you’ll adore the charm and whimsy that sea creature Christmas ornaments can add to your tree.

Imagine glittering starfish, playful dolphins, and intricate seashells hanging amidst your twinkling lights.

These aren’t your ordinary baubles; they’re tiny, detailed works of art, each one handcrafted and unique.

Consider a delicate glass jellyfish, its tendrils shimmering in the glow of your tree lights, or perhaps a vibrant seahorse that catches the eye with its vivid hues.

These ornaments lend a touch of the ocean’s mystery and beauty to your festive decor.

They’re not just ornaments, they’re conversation pieces, evoking memories of sun-soaked days and waves lapping at the shore.

With these sea creature ornaments, you’re embracing a fresh, innovative approach to holiday decorating.

Beachy Wooden Ornament Ideas

Moving on from the enchanting sea creature ornaments, you’ll fall in love with the rustic charm of beachy wooden ornaments for your coastal Christmas tree.

These unique adornments, with their natural aesthetic, beautifully capture the spirit of seaside holidays.

Let’s delve into four imaginative ideas you can consider:

  • Driftwood Ornaments: Crafted from the washed-up treasures of the sea, these ornaments are as authentic as it gets.
  • Nautical Wooden Cutouts: Think miniature anchors, ships, or lighthouses–perfect for a maritime twist.
  • Wooden Starfish or Seashell Ornaments: These replicate your favorite marine life with a rustic touch.
  • Personalized Wooden Plaques: Add a family name or a memorable date and make your coastal Christmas tree uniquely yours.

Invest in these innovative ornaments to bring the beachy Christmas vibe right to your living room.

Coastal Christmas Tree Skirts

Often, you’ll find that a coastal Christmas tree isn’t complete without a beautifully themed tree skirt to match your wooden and marine ornaments.

Envision a skirt dipped in hues of ocean blue, sand beige, or coral pink, sprinkled with seashell or starfish motifs.

Imagine how it would elegantly pool around the base of your tree, creating a mini beachscape in your living room.

You can opt for a hessian or burlap material for a rustic touch, or perhaps a shimmery satin for a more glamorous look.

Some even choose to incorporate delicate sequin work that, much like the sea, glimmers in the Christmas lights.

With a coastal tree skirt, you’ll create a charming seascape around your tree that encapsulates the tranquility of the coast.

Oyster Shell Ornament Ideas

A christmas tree made of colorful balls on the beach.

You’ll find that oyster shell ornaments can add a unique touch to your coastal Christmas tree.

With their natural beauty and oceanic charm, these ornaments can transform your holiday decor into a coastal wonderland.

Consider these innovative ideas:

  • Gilded Oyster Shells: Add a touch of glamour by painting the inside of the shells with gold leaf. This will create a striking contrast with the shell’s natural exterior.
  • Oyster Shell Clusters: Bind several shells together with twine for a rustic, beach-inspired look.
  • Oyster Shell Angels: Attach a pearl bead as the angel’s head and use a ribbon for the wings. A truly divine ornament!
  • Monogrammed Oyster Shells: Personalize each shell with the initials of your loved ones, adding a personal touch to your tree.

Experiment and let your creativity flourish!

Faux Coral Reef Inspired Christmas Decorating Ideas

Regularly, you might desire a more extravagant coastal theme; in that case, a coral reef inspired tree is a fantastic option to consider.

Picture vibrant hues of coral, teal, and aqua, adorning your tree.

Faux coral branches interspersed with glimmering ornaments in shapes of starfish, shells, and sea horses create an enchanting undersea panorama.

Don’t forget to add twinkling fairy lights, mimicking the shimmering sunlight filtering through the ocean’s surface.

The pièce de résistance? A starfish tree topper, the ultimate nod to your coastal theme.

A coral reef inspired tree isn’t just a Christmas decoration, it’s a captivating, immersive marine experience, transforming your holiday into a beachside celebration.

It’s the perfect way to bring the ocean’s magical allure into your home.

Nautical Knot Christmas Decorations

Following the Coral Reef Inspired Tree, another captivating idea for your coastal Christmas is incorporating nautical knot decorations into your holiday decor.

Infuse an undeniable maritime charm into your festivities with these intricate knots, and let your Christmas tree tell a story of adventure and exploration.

  • Monkey’s Fist Knot: A sailor’s good luck charm, this knot makes for a unique ornament, symbolizing protection and strength.
  • Square Knot: Displaying the unity of two ropes, it can represent the coming together of family during the holiday season.
  • Bowline Knot: Known as the ‘rescue knot’, hang these as a reminder of the love and support always available within your family.
  • Turk’s Head Knot: A symbol of infinity, this knot serves as a nod to the lasting traditions and memories created during Christmas.

This season, let nautical knots guide your design, creating a unique coastal Christmas that’s truly unforgettable.

Beach-Themed Tree Bows and Wreath

A christmas tree made out of driftwood on the beach.

After decking your tree with nautical knots, it’s time to add another layer of coastal charm with beach-themed tree bows.

Picture bows in hues of seaweed green, ocean blue, or sandy beige, echoing the tranquil beauty of the coast.

You might opt for bows adorned with tiny seashells or even miniature starfish, adding a touch of the ocean’s treasures to your festive decor.

Don’t shy away from experimenting with materials either. Satin provides a classic, shiny finish, but why not consider burlap for a rustic, beachy vibe?

It’s all about infusing your holiday with a touch of seaside serenity.

Sea Bird Christmas Ornaments

A few sea bird ornaments can transform your Christmas tree into a charming coastal paradise, capturing your love for the beach with every whimsical detail.

These delightful decorations bring the rhythm of the waves and the spirit of the seaside right into your living room.

Here are four innovative ways you can incorporate sea bird ornaments into your coastal Christmas decor:

  • Pelican Perfection: Grace your tree with these majestic birds, known for their impressive bill and throat pouch.
  • Seagull Sophistication: Embrace the beach vibe with seagulls, the quintessential coastal bird.
  • Puffin Playfulness: Add a touch of fun with adorable puffin ornaments, reflecting their playful nature.
  • Flamingo Flair: Ignite a tropical feel with vibrant flamingos, bringing a pop of color to your tree.

Ship-In-A-Bottle Decorations

You’ll find that incorporating ship-in-a-bottle decorations into your Christmas tree design can add a unique maritime charm that perfectly complements your beach-themed holiday decor.

These tiny vessels, encapsulated in glass, evoke a sense of adventure and romance of the high seas.

Let them sail amidst your tree branches, their delicate masts and sails mingling with twinkling fairy lights, creating a magical maritime ambiance.

Choose from different ship styles, from classic clipper ships to pirate galleons, to match your beachy aesthetic.

Some even come with sand and tiny seashells inside the bottle, enhancing the coastal vibe.

And don’t hesitate to mix these with your other beach-themed ornaments, like starfish and seashells, for a harmonious, sea-inspired Christmas tree that truly makes a splash.

A christmas tree and starfish on the beach.

Choosing Your Favorite Coastal Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

You’ve successfully transformed your Christmas tree into a coastal wonderland!

With hues of nautical blue, seashell adornments, sandy beach ornaments, starfish tree toppers, and miniature beach huts, you’ve truly brought the beach home.

Your tree’s nautical knots, beach-themed bows, sea bird ornaments, and ship-in-a-bottle decorations have added a maritime twist.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy your beach Christmas, surrounded by the beautiful reminder of sun-kissed days and ocean waves.

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