College Dorm Must-Haves

Getting ready to head to college in the fall? Look no further: in this article I will help you prepare and design your dorm room on a budget!

One of the most exciting things about going to college is decorating your dorm room! I remember when I was a freshman and I spent the whole summer planning and designing my little space. It may sound easy, but there is a lot that goes into getting your dorm room ready for the school year. Your dorm space is going to be a special place for you when being so far away from home. It should feel homey as possible! In this article, I will give you some helpful tips on how to get started with decorating your dorm!

1. Color theme

This is probably the most important and helpful step when organizing and designing your room. When it comes to piecing bedding and pillows together, you need to have a color theme/palette in mind. I prefer to stick with a neutral tone because it’s easier to splash in a little color if you want! A popular style of decorating for a dorm that I’ve noticed is having a white/ivory bedding then adding in color with your throw pillows.

2. Wall Decor

I found when adding wall decor to your room, it made my space feel a lot homier. When I was looking for wall decor, I knew I wanted to add string lights. There are so many different ways you can incorporate string lights to your little set-up. My personal favorite is having it hang above your bed. This will allow you to use these lights as not just a decoration but as a good source of light for at night when you need to read a book in bed. In addition to string lights, another popular wall decoration is a macrame woven wall hanging. This decoration gives off such a bohemian, beach vibe that will for sure spice up your dorm!

3. Rugs

Depending on what dorm/college you go to, all dorms have different flooring. A dorm could have carpet flooring or even tile! Whichever flooring you have, adding a cute rug can make your room feel cozy. A popular rug that is found in dorm rooms is faux fur rugs. These come in different shapes, sizes, and colors which gives you a variety to pick from. The best part is, they’re super soft and comfy!

4. Storage

The more storage, the better. Once you start packing for college, you will quickly realize that you may have a lot of stuff. In a dorm, they will give you a bed, desk/chair, and a dresser. This will not hold all your stuff (including clothes, food, shower supplies, and more). I found that purchasing either bins or ottomans have helped me store much more. The advantage an ottoman has over a bin is that they can be used as a chair or even decoration! However, having bins are a good thing as well because they can be slipped under your bed easily, allowing it to not stuff up your room.

5. Desk Decorating

I know having a desk seems more like a piece of furniture than decoration, but it’s so easy to make it look cute along with your room! Some must-have’s you need for your desk are a lamp, organizers, picture frames, a calendar, and wall signs. These all can be matched according to your color theme and will make your room look cute and cohesive!

I hope you enjoyed my must-haves for decorating your college dorm. College is such a fun and exciting time, and having a cute room is a bonus! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your room look cute because a lot of these items are affordable. Have fun decorating!

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  1. When I first got into my dorm room I was not happy. But within a few months, I painted the walls and bought some decor (curtains and a rug) and some furniture, and now I really love the ambiance. It will be so sad to leave this room after I graduate.
    Lots of cool ideas about low budget dorm room decor can be read in this article: https://weheartit.com/articles/345384980-45-dorm-room-decor-ideas
    A board is my favorite piece of interior decor. I love to change the details on it and the room changes.

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