College Must Haves That You Probably Forgot You Needed

When packing for college there are so many things to remember, lucky for you I have a list of some of the most useful, commonly forgotten items for college living. Check out the list here:

String Lights

Dorm rooms are notorious for making you feel like you’re in a jail cell, and that’s NOT the type of place you want to live in for 10 months of the year. By just adding a few strands of lights you can soften the lighting and make that tiny room feel just a little cozier.

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Sheets with Pockets

When you live in a tiny room it’s inevitable that you’ll spend a lot of time in your bed. These sheets that have pockets sewn in are perfect for the lofted bed or just adding extra storage.

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Backrest Pillow

Again, since basically your only spot to sit in a small space will be your bed, it’s nice to have something to rest your back on. This pillow was a LIFESAVER from just doing homework in bed to late night movie sessions. This can also be placed behind your back if your studyin at your desk to amke your desk chair a lot more comfortable.

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XL Phone Charging Cord

Since you’ll likely have a lofted bed, or an outlet far away from your bed, you’ll want to get one of these bad boys. No more leaning off your bed to turn off your alarm in the morning or accidentally pulling the plug out of the wall when trying to reach your phone to send a text.

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Carrying Laundry Bag

Laundry may not be the best part of college, but literally all of us have to do it. My recommendation is to get a soft bag that doesn’t take up a lot of space. I also recommend a laundry bag that you can also easily carry to wherever the washers are.

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Wrinkle Spray

Okay, so sometimes we as college students don’t have our lives together. Sometimes you may not fold your laundry immediately after you wash it and just leave it in the laundry bag for a few days, or your shirt might get wrinkly when you take your between class nap. Either way, this spray will save your butt, all it takes is a few sprays and then smoothing out the wrinkles with your hands and your shirt will look freshly pressed.

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Foldable Step Stool

For us short people, those top shelf storage units aren’t the most useful without a stool. Optimize your space by using them, just make sure you have a stool you can use. I recommend this style because it folds up and can be easily moved out of the way when not in use. These are also really helpful for beds that are just a little too tall.

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Cards Against Humanity

Sometimes on the weekends you just don’t have much to do. Luckily, when you get this game you get 3 in 1. it is a boredom solver, friendship creator, and cheap homebody activity to do. Pull out this game and invite the people on you floor over for a fun night without spending money that will keep you laughing.

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Rugs are another one of those things that just make a huge difference in a room. The all tile floor really just isn’t pleasant for anyone, they’re cold and hard and just add to the ‘jail cell’ feel. Grab yourself a rug before you move in to instantly make your room feel more like home (your feet will thank you too).

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Dish Brush

Weather it’s your coffee mug, water bottle, or a spoon you used for a snack, a dish brush and soap are a necessity. You most likely won’t have access to a dishwasher and you’re bound to have something that will need cleaning. All you’ll need is a dish brush like this (these are the best because they don’t get gross like sponges) and some dish soap and you can wash you dished in a jiffy in the bathroom sink.

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Over the Door Mirror

This isn’t the exact mirror I got, but I know they have them at Walmart for $5 that include the metal hanging hooks. Anyway, you definitely need one of these because sometimes your bathroom won’t have a full length mirror and you’ll struggle to get a good view of your outfit before you leave, so just spend a few bucks on one of these and problem solved! This takes up virtually no room and is SO useful.

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Whether it be your keys, your purse, or your backpack something is always being misplaced, and with a Tile you won’t have to spend time looking for it. Basically it is a little device that you attach to something you often lose and the tile connects to an app on your phone which can tell you where that item is at all times, so you’ll never be late to class because you were looking for your room keys.

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Make your room feel much less like a temporary home with sticky, removable wallpaper. If your dorm allows this, it’s a great way to make your dorm room much less boring and more fun! This will make your room the favorite hangout spot for anything from late night study sessions to pizza and movies nights.

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Light-up Makeup Mirror

The lighting in your dorm will never be good; that’s just a fact. Instead of crowding around your community bathroom mirror or trying to use a handheld mirror, getting a light up desk mirror will be super useful. With one of these you can always be sure you have perfectly blended foundation and you won’t have to run back and fourth from the bathroom to your room if you forgot to bring your mascara.

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It’s hard to know what exactly you’ll need and won’t need for college, but I hope this list helps you remember some of the things that real college students were glad they brought.



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