Color Correcting Guide for a Flawless Face

Have you ever seen a palette of pastel concealers in the makeup aisle and wondered why it wasn’t in the Halloween section? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But if your regular concealer can’t seem to give you the coverage you need, you may want to try them.

They’re called color correcting concealers and work based on the color wheel you learned about in art class, to cancel out unwanted discoloration on your skin. In purple, green, yellow, pink and orange they tackle all your skin issues from dark circles to bruises and also pimples. With our color correcting concealer guide, a flawless face may only be a crazy concealer shade away.

1. Purple Concealers

Lilac and lavender shades can be used to effectively neutralize yellow undertones in the skin. This problem usually affects those with olive complexions in the winter, when the cold leaves your skin looking dull. So, to combat these affects our favorite pick: Photo Finish Oil-Free Pore Minimizing Primer.

2. Green Concealers

Okay, so you’ll look like Frankenstein’s monster for a bit but it will be totally worth it. The green hue cancels out red any redness in the skin. It works on pimples, rashes, sunburn and also rosacea on fair to medium complexions. Our favorite pick: NYX Studio Perfect Primer in Green.

3. Yellow Concealers

These work best on tan skin. They can be used to cover up the purple/blue tones of bruising, veins and dark circles. Our favorite pick: Color Correcting Liquid Concealer.

4. Pink Concealers

Salmon colored concealers can be a fair girl’s best friend. Use them to not only combat dullness and green undertones from veins but also brighten around the eye area. Our favorite pick: L’Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Dull Skin Primer.

5. Orange Concealers

A must have for dark skin tones, orange concealer neutralize dark circles, hyperpigmentation from acne scars and darkness around the mouth. It can also have a brightening effect in these areas as it can compliment the warm and golden undertones in the skin. Our favorite pick: LA Girl HD Pro Concealer Corrector in Orange.

If used properly, color correcting concealers can make the job of your makeup easier. Apply on a sheer layer on the needed areas and follow up with your regular foundation or concealer. Like primer for paint on a wall, these provide a color-even base to help you create your best look yet.

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