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How Different Colors Can Actually Help Your Life

Your home is a reflection of both your personality and sense of style so it is important that when you are choosing color schemes for your home redecoration project you choose something that reflects you as a family.  However colors can do more than just say something about your personal style choices, they can also set the emotional tone of your rooms – so whether you want to add some energy to a quiet area or provide calm and tranquility where there was once chaos, you can achieve quite a bit with your choice of color.

Don’t worry though if you have always made white your way forward. White is a clean, minimalist approach that suits some people but it can also be a bit cold.  So if you have always been a bit cautious with color, not really sure what look would suit your room or just want add warmth to your white walls here is  your guide to making the most of color in your home – from which colors to pick to tips on making it work harder for your rooms.  Of course these are just some suggestions – there are many more color combinations that can help transform the look of your property so there’s plenty of reasons to get creative.

Orange – expand your thinking

Orange has long be used as a color of confidence and self-expression. Adding orange to a room helps you to feel younger and more vibrant.   It helps you to expand your thinking, encourages laughter and celebration so is brilliant added to those areas where you need your creativity the most.  Orange works really well in a child’s bedroom, in a study or even in the hall.  It can have an impact whether it is an entire wall, wall stencils against a white background or included as a piece of soft furnishing so let your imagination create a happy home.

Deep blue – de-clutter your mind

Deep blue is an excellent color for those wanting to declutter and create an atmosphere of focus and efficiency in the home. It is great for the work areas of the home and even the kitchen for better culinary creations.  You can even incorporate it into your clothing for the days when you need to make those big decisions.

A wealth of – Green

Green is the color of nature and all of its rich bounties.  It is also the color closely associated with luck, money and wealth.  If you are looking to create a business from home, learn new skills or simply increase your standard of living you should consider a commitment to green in key areas of your home.  A green front door is the perfect way of inviting wealth into your home.

Light green – healing hues

Green is also a very nurturing and healing color. It’s association with nature and nourishment can be transferred to your home through light hues that encourage stability and physical and emotional health and happiness. If you are looking to rejuvenate yourself or recover from a period of chaos or ill health then try light green in your kitchen or dining areas and start to nourish yourself.

Light purple – the spiritual friend

Purple is the color of the spiritual plain and as such if used in the home calls you to reassess your life and perspectives and how you can live a more connected and spiritual existence.  It could give you a deeper respect and connection with humanity as well as increase compassion and tolerance.  It nurtures relationships with loved ones and so is a great color for the family room or bedrooms. Purple is also the color of royalty and so it gives a rich feel and look to any room.

Light blue – float on a sea of tranquility

Light blue is often associated with the bathroom and there is a reason for this.  Light blue promotes tranquility and peace, perfect for every bedtime routine or relaxing bubble bath. It brings harmony and balance between loved ones and helps to calm aggression and tension. Light blue also works well outside of the bathroom in play rooms and kids bedrooms to help keep the peace.

Vibrant red – a fearless statement

Red is a color of passion, courage, strength and vibrancy and this is exactly what the color can add to your home. It is a stimulant and so is perfect for areas in the home where you want to manifest self-confidence, energy and excitement. You can overuse red and this can then create tension and aggression – so go lightly with red because a little really can go a long way!

Yellow – an intelligent choice

Yellow is a color of high intelligence and good mental health.  It adds a ray of sunshine to any dark room and encourages creative thinking and brand new ideas. It is light and delicate so won’t overpower small rooms so is perfect for nurseries and growing imaginations.

Pretty in – Pink

Pink is the gentle color of love.  Unlike its passionate cousin red, pink is about tenderness and companionship, honesty and compassion.  It encourages understanding and good listening skills so  if you want to create harmony in your living room or invite true love into your bedroom then pick out some pretty pink features.

Sunshine combinations – Yellow and Orange

Yellow and orange are great colors individually but when you mix them up you can really generate some sunshine in your home. Yellow and orange combinations on walls and within furniture features really makes a statement in terms of confidence, contentment and all round well-being.

Deep red – full on passion

Deep red is a wonderful color for increasing passion, awakening libido and removing emotional blocks for a more passionate and creative expression. If you want to live life to the full take on some deep red and celebrate your new found freedom.

Aqua – take a leap of faith

The watery aqua is the perfect color to encourage trust and respect within your family home. Like light blue it is used a lot in bathrooms because it is a colour that inspires a more relaxed atmosphere. Being such a light color it can be added in washes that will subtly transform your mood and relationships within your home.

Once you have your color schemes picked out all you need to do is cover those walls and invest in features that bring those colors to life.  If you’re adding lots of color at one time you might want to check out a spray gun as the perfect tool for make light of home decoration.  For more information check out when Tool Nerds dives into the wagner flexio 590 as the perfect way to get great color coverage, easy.  A spray gun is also an ideal way of making stencils work in your home.  Stencils are perfect of combining and mixing color combinations for a more textured look.

With your tools picked, your color primed you are ready to go.  Here are some top tips for expert color coverage:

  • Pick out feature walls, particularly if you are choosing a darker color so that you don’t overwhelm a small room
  • Pick out features and accessories that actually contrast with your color scheme for a designer look that is really hitting homes this summer
  • Don’t be afraid to mix it up – there are no rules when it comes to how many colors you use in your home so let your creativity flow

So there you have it, the complete guide to creating the perfect atmosphere in your home without a whitewash insight.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.