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Comedy Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To

After a long day at work, sometimes on your drive home, you just want to laugh. There are so many podcasts floating around Spotify and other streaming services that it can be overwhelming to choose. In order to help you narrow your selection, I’ve compiled together a list of comedy podcasts that are guaranteed to make you laugh!

Note: The great thing about these podcasts is that you don’t need to listen in order. So listen away, and choose whatever is most interesting.

Las Culturistas

Twitter @LasCulturistas , comedy podcast
Twitter @LasCulturistas

I may be a tad biased because I’m starting with my all-time favorite podcast. Bowen Yang (SNL) and Matt Rogers (Gayme Show) discuss important cultural moments with their guest. They ask the question: “What was the culture that made you say culture was for you? Or, in shortened form- what was a formative cultural experience. Then, at the end of each episode, they have a segment called “I don’t think so, hunny” in which they rag on a moment of culture or life that they disapprove of. Yang and Rogers are quick-witted and know-how to ask interesting and funny questions for their guests while remaining respectful.

Suggested Start Episode: Maggots of Magic (w/ Betty Gilpin).

The Worst With Greta Titelman

Comedy Podcast, The Worst with Greta Titelman

I stumbled on Greta Titelman this past March when my roommate found a stand-up comedian did an Instagram Live workout, every day at 10 a.m. during quarantine. She began each one with her no-frills workout and ended with a fellow comedian joining her live to have a dance party. Truth be told, it was the motivation I needed to start my day and after consuming her work, she takes the title as my comedy crush. Her energy is infectious and her podcast is hilarious and at times touching.

Suggested Start Episode: Raisin Rat (w/ Patti Harrison)

How Did This Get Made?

Comedy Podcast, How Did This Get Made?

Hosted by Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas, this podcast has been deconstructing famously bad films for almost ten years. They are witty, and often provide insightful information about the making of movies for context. Also, they have had my favorite Parks and Rec actor, Adam Scott, as a guest many times to make fun of the many Fast and Furious movies and the episodes get better each time he is on.

Suggested Start Episode: The Country Bears (w/ Kulap Vilaysack).

This Might Get Weird

Twitter @mametown

Originally a digital series, Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig are best friends and YouTube creators whose charisma and natural chemistry makes this podcast so much fun to listen to. Helbig describes the podcast as giving “people a little voyeristic look into what we catch up on when [they] aren’t rolling for an internet video or what [they] talk about for the thirty minutes over coffee before [they] dive into a video”. The two catch up on the strange situations and adventures they’ve got themselves into during the week they were apart.

Suggested Start Episode: TMGW Ep 11: Beanz Almost Gets Dognapped


Comedy Podcast, Self-Helpless

Comedians Delanie Fischer, Kelsey Cook, and Taylor Tomlinson tackle self-improvement in a respectful and light-hearted manner. Their discourse on subjects is very refreshing and proves that you don’t need to agree on everything to be friends. Also, they never enter into the conversation uneducated; these ladies do their research.

Suggested Start Episode: Cheating

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