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Top 10 Companies That Give Back

The main goal of many companies is to simply make a great deal of money. Some even use a cut-throat business model in order to get ahead of the competition. However, these 10 companies focus less on profit and more on how they can give back to deserving causes.

1. Newman’s Own

This company prides itself on giving back. Using its large business platform, Newman’s Own strives to carry out the founder, Paul Newman’s, mission of donating 100% of the profits to charity. He said, “Let’s give it all away to those who need it,” and the foundation has done just that, donating well over $525 million to thousands of different charities since its humble beginning in the 80’s. Newman’s Own sells a variety of products such as pet food, beverages, salad dressings and much more, making the decision to buy from this company rather simple as they make everyday items that most people already buy.

2. Pura Vida

Two college graduates created Pura Vida almost unintentionally during a vacation in Costa Rica. They stumbled upon artisans selling colorful string bracelets. They loved the bracelets, and when they learned the artisans were struggling to survive on the little money they were earning, the vacationers decided to help. The graduates bought 400 bracelets to bring back home to the United States and sell them in a local boutique. The bracelets sold out within just a few days, giving the men the idea to make it a business and help out the workers.

The purchase of the Pura Vida bracelets, and the expanded line of jewelry and other accessories, helps to provide full-time jobs for over 650 artisans around the world. The company also has a large collection of charity bracelets that give a portion of the sales to causes such as Autism awareness, beach cleanup, hurricane recovery, animal protection and much more.

3. Ivory Ella

Elephants are very intelligent animals capable of great compassion and emotion. Unfortunately, due to ivory trade and decreasing habitats, the elephant population is at an extreme risk. Ivory Ella is working to put an end to this to protect the elephants. Ivory Ella donates a minimum of 10% of profits to organizations that work to save the elephant population. They also work to raise the awareness of the importance of these incredible animals in their ecosystem. The apparel company has already donated $1.7 million since its establishment in 2015.


For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS donates a pair to children in need. They have donated over 93 million pairs around the world thus far. TOMS also builds vision centers in poverty stricken areas and restores sight by giving prescription glasses, medical treatment and surgeries that save eyesight. Once TOMS released their coffee line in 2014, they began creating safe water systems in the places they source the coffee. They also support organizations that help give clean water and have provided over 720,000 weeks of safe water. TOMS also donates millions of dollars to organizations that work on pressing issues such as homelessness, gender inequality and gun violence.

5. 4Ocean

4Ocean’s is the worlds largest ocean cleanup company. They not only remove trash but also provide reliable jobs to people in poor areas around the world. Their motivating motto of “One ocean, one mission. Let’s end the ocean plastic crisis together,” is the driving force behind the project, leading to the removal of over four million pounds of trash from the oceans and coastlines thus far. The sale of 4Ocean bracelets made from 100% recycled materials funds the ocean cleanups. Each bracelet is handmade in Bali and removes one pound of trash from the oceans.

6. FabFitFun

FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box that includes over $200 worth of products for only $49. Each box focuses on a different charitable organization to give back to. Some of these charitable partners include the American Heart Association, Wildlife Conservation Society and UNICEF as well as many more.

7. Project 7

Project 7‘s goal is to help make a positive difference around the world through the purchase of commonly bought items. The company makes products such as chewing gum, candy and gourmet gummy bears with unique flavors like “Mojito Mambo” and “Moscow Mule.” The purchase of these American made items gives back to seven areas of need, which are saving the Earth through planting trees, housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, providing clean drinking water, healing the sick, providing daily education to developing countries and putting students through anti-bullying programs to create peace.


For every pair of shoes sold, ROMA BOOTS donates a new pair of rain boots around six continents. Since 2010, they have supported their mission to “give poverty the boot” and have donated $2,953,186 worth of boots to children living in poverty across 28 countries.

9. Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud‘s innovative beach towels were first introduced to the masses on the popular show, Shark Tank. The company also protects the oceans and marine life. To do this, they organize beach cleanups, recycle plastic into fabric for their apparel, create reusable straws to decrease the use of plastic straws and sell reusable water bottles to help end single use plastic. They also donate 10% of all profits to marine conservation.

10. GivePet

The mission of GivePet Premium Dog Treats is to help shelter dogs waiting to be adopted into loving homes. For every bag of treats they sell, they donate enough treats to feed at least ten shelter dogs. They hope to make the lives of shelter dogs a little more special by giving them healthy, grain-free treats.

These 10 companies are making a positive difference around the world while inspiring others to do the same. The ‘help thy neighbor’ approach has proved to be not only beneficial to charitable donations but also to the businesses that choose to employ this motto, making them quite successful as well. More companies such as Amazon have taken notice to this precedence of giving back and have begun to incorporate it into their already successful business to share the wealth. These charitable companies also take the guilt away from shopping that many feel as every purchase helps a deserving cause.

Even you can give back to your community and at the same time implement some of those charities’ missions. Buying less apparel, buying from second hand stores or subscribing to apparel boxes can make a huge difference both in the emission of CO2 and in recycling.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.