Connor Saeli from “The Bachelorette” Talks the Show + Being a Justin Bieber Fan

The Sarah Scoop Show spoke with Conner Saeli from season 15 of “The Bachelorette” and season 6 of “Bachelor In Paradise”. He gave us an inside look at his wellness company, his experience on the two shows, how he knows every word to Justin Bieber’s song “Baby”, and much more. Connor was a great guest to have on the show, and we are super excited to see the new projects that he has coming up!

Starting His Own Business

After being on two shows from Bachelor Nation, Connor started his own wellness company. At first focusing on better sleep, which he admits he struggles with himself, overall Connor uses his business to help others meet their wellness goals.

“On the show, I slept terribly. We would take Melatonin every night and honestly, we still wouldn’t sleep…So I really set out to solve that problem for myself, and ended up trying a bunch of products. Some worked, and some didn’t.” -Connor Saeli

“I thought “Hey! Maybe I can make something here that would really help me”, and after doing some research on sleeping…I realized that it’s a huge problem in the United States…and I kinda just started working on that idea.”

-Connor Saeli

Being on the Show

Connor spoke to what it was like being on both The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise. He explains how he got involved, what made each experience so different, and which show was his favorite to be on.

“I really had no intention of ever really going on TV in my life.” -Connor Saeli

“I really enjoyed both of those experiences…Overall, you get to meet so many cool people, travel around the world, and you learn so much about yourself too. so I’m super grateful for those experiences.” -Connor Saeli

“I enjoyed The Bachelorette more from the standpoint of, its such a unique experience…and you’re with a tight-knit group of guys that you really get to know well. I think that that is just so cool.” -Connor Saeli

Justin Bieber

A video of Connor and roommate Mike Johnson (also from season 15 of The Bachelorette) singing in the car to Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” recently spread across all social media platforms. Naturally, this left fans questioning whether the two of them are JB fans or if they are just really good at remembering song lyrics.

“I don’t know if Mike is a Justin Bieber fan… [but] Mike’s a big ‘Yummy’ guy“.

-Connor Saeli

“I just think he always puts out jams…There are some people that definitely like to hate on his music, but at the end of the day, he has really good songs.”

-Connor Saeli

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