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Costco Food Court Low Calorie Guide

If you are out shopping at Costco and you are hungry, stop by Costco’s Food Court! We’ve got the scoop on Costco’s Food Court! The list that is provided below will show you what you need! Check it out!

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Here’s the Low-Calorie food scoop for Costco Food Court!

Low Calorie Food Options


  • Cheddar Cheese Slice: 90
  • Yogurt: 450
  • Chili with Beans and Beef: 450
  • Pepperoni Pizza: 710
  • Hot Turkey & Provolone Sandwich: 740
  • Chicken Bake: 770
  • Turkey Wrap: 830
  • Carne Pizza: 900
  • French Fries: 900
  • Polish Sausage: 970
  • Bratwurst: 980
  • Cheese Burge Fry & Soda: 1,740


  • Yellow Mustard: 5
  • Deli Mustard: 5
  • Ketchup: 10
  • Caesar Dressing: 270


  • Berry Sundae: 480
  • Churro: 530


  • Light Lemonade: 15
  • Hot Latte: 130
  • Lipton Raspberry Tea: 170
  • Latte Freeze: 190
  • Fruit Smoothie: 240
  • Pink Lemonade: 250
  • Pepsi: 250
  • Hot Mocha: 270
  • Mt Dew: 270
  • Mocha Freeze: 310
  • Fruit Punch: 420

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