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Costco Food Court Low Carb – Keto Diet Guide

If you are out shopping at Costco and you are hungry, stop by Costco’s Food Court! They offer delicious food on a fly! But, if you are on the keto diet, we’ve got the scoop on Costco’s carb count. The list that is provided below will show you what will be okay to have and what you should probably stay away from! Check it out!

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Here’s the KETO scoop and carb count for Costco Food Court!


Costco’s Menu Items

  • Hot Latte: 12
  • Latte Freeze: 19
  • Hot Mocha: 30
  • Chicken Caesar salad with Dressing & Croutons: 34
  • Chili with Beans and Beef: 40
  • Hot Turkey & Provolone Sandwich: 49
  • Italian Sausage Sandwich: 51
  • Mocha Freeze: 52
  • Turkey Wrap: 52
  • BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich: 54
  • Fruit Smoothie: 59
  • Pepperoni Pizza Slice: 77
  • Churro: 78
  • Cheese Pizza Slice: 80
  • Carne Pizza Slice: 81
  • Chicken Bake: 81
  • Combo Pizza Slice: 82
  • French Fries: 87
  • Yogurt: 98
  • Berry Sundae: 107
  • Bratwurst: 134
  • Hot Dog & Soda: 137
  • Polish Sausage: 138
  • Cheeseburger, Fry & Soda: 177

Costco isn’t just amazing because of the items they provide in bulk, but they also have a food court in case you get hungry and you don’t want to just snack on the samples they provide! Even though we all live for those samples! I hope this guide will help you the next time you go to Costco!

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