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Couchbed Product Review

Looking for a new addition to your office, dorm room or guest bedroom? The Couchbed is the perfect solution.  The Sarah Scoop office was recently in the market for another piece of furniture for our office and came across the Couchbed. We don’t have a ton of open room in the office so the Couchbed was perfect for our space.

What the Couchbed is made of

The Couchbed is made of high-density CertiPur memory foam that converts from a sofa to a mattress in seconds. Choose from twin or queen size Couchbeds in three different colors: charcoal, limestone and navy. The color choices make the Couchbed great and easy to match to any rooms color scheme. 

How to set it up

The Couchbed is very simple to set up. When it arrives, the mattress is folded into an air-sealed casing inside the box. All you have to do is cut it loose from the plastic casing and lay it out flat. The bed will continue to expand to its full size over the next 24 to 48 hours.

The box is not too heavy to maneuver either with the twin Couchbed weighing only 47 lbs and the queen weighing 70 lbs.

The Couchbed is perfect for a college dorm room as it can transform from a mattress to a plush lounging couch by effortlessly flipping over a single panel. Its compact design makes it easy to store against almost any wall so you can maximize your floor space, something all college dorm rooms lack.

You will also never get hot sleeping on the Couchbed. They are infused with cool-gel for an optimal sleep temperature keeping you cool throughout the night, even on a warm summer night. However, in the winter, you can use a heating pad and not worry about any damage being done to your Couchbed. 

What is so great about it?

Another great thing about the Couchbed is that its material is environmentally friendly, and contains no harmful chemicals in the foam. It is completely pet and child safe making it perfect for families with young children. It is also 100% latex free, so latex allergies are not an issue.

The Couchbed has washable, interchangeable covers that make messes and spills easy to clean up. You can keep your Couchbed in a children’s play room and know that it won’t get ruined. If you do need to clean your Couchbed, simply spot clean it with a mild detergent. 

Our Couchbed has been a great addition to the office. It has provided a new place to sit and work while remaining comfortable and relaxed.

Couchbed makes it easy to afford their fantastic product by offering 12-month interest free financing. And when you order, every Couchbed comes with 2 free Bamboo pillows to stylize your Couchbed.

Although unlikely, if you should happen to have a problem with your Couchbed, they are warranted for 10 years. This allows you to easily file a claim and arrangements will be made for you.

Save 10% On Your Entire Purchase

If you think the Couchbed is for you, we have an exclusive code you can use for 10% off your entire purchase.

Use the code sarahscoop10 when checking out to receive this promotion. You can get your Couchbed here.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.