Create a Brown Bronze Look + Temptu Airbrush System Giveaway

temptuI was so excited to team up with TEMPTU to show you how amazing this product is.  A spray on makeup foundation system is the perfect way to achieve a flawless look.  TEMPTU has created showstopping looks for some of the most iconic faces in fashion, music, film and television. It was behind the scenes in the hands of professional makeup artists that the TEMPTU brand was created, and today we bring that expertise to everyone through our line of airbrush makeup and beauty products.  The Temptu Airbrush Makeup Kits start at $149.  Plus, there is a 20% discount offer you can get by using code AALJSY85.

temptusarahscoopI was thrilled at how easy the Temptu Airbrush System was to use.  Before I used it for the first time I read the information provided in the box and looked a couple of videos.  Then, I gave it a try and I was amazed.  It was so simple to use at home.  TEMPTU’s Airbrush Makeup Kit and patented AIRpod makeup is the first easy-to-use, professional-quality, home airbrush makeup system. Finally, every woman can easily achieve flawless makeup application like her favorite celebrities, every time.

I’m not alone in loving this product. TEMPTU is the go-to makeup for some of the biggest names in hollywood.  Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood, Madonna and Beyonce are all fans.  It has also been used on the runway for many fashion shows.

To show you how great the system is a I created a video showing you how to use it to create a bronze look.  I used the temptu makeup and temptu foundation.  I have found a new love for the temptu spray makeup.

For more information on Temptu follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

temptugiveawayNow for even more fun, I am giving one lucky Sarah Scoop reader the chance to win their own Temptu system (system, foundation, blush, highlighter).  Simply fill out the form below for your chance.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

temptuairbrushadDisclosure: This is a sponsored post for Temptu.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. Absolutely clean skin, morning and night. Not just the front of your face. I always include my entire neck and chest area. Start fresh, always let skin dry naturally after rinsing with cool water, and apply the right moisturizer where needed while skin and neck is slightly damp. And I try to give my skin a break when I can from wearing any makeup, if I’m not going anywhere or seeing anyone that day. I make sure my skin is clean and give it a break from everything. And when rinsing my skin, if I think I rinsed enough, I think of it like brushing my teeth, a few more splashes of water won’t take but a minute and can ensure my skin is free from any toxins. Plus since a teenager, I have always been told and it is now a religion to not just drink water for my health but the more I drink, the better my skin always looks. Then after that, my face is ready for what is sometimes a daily makeover or fight with the makeup. What color, what shade, in what lighting. We all know the struggles it takes to find and embrace quality makeup that will still keep us looking naturally beautiful. And of course, not with tons of makeup bags filled with everything imaginable that we have to tote around all day in our bags to maintain that beautiful glowing morning face

  2. Use hydrogen peroxide on those pesky whiteheads. Just dip a Q-tip in it and rub deep into the whitehead. Leave on overnight and it should be open by morning. Then use arnica to heal it.

  3. My best beauty tip is to wash your face with Jergen’s cold cream every night followed by a quick swipe of Witch Hazel all around your face. My grandmother has done this every night since she was 11 and barely has any wrinkles at 77.

  4. My favorite beauty tip is to have fun and change up your look, try new ideas out! I rely on my go-to look because it looks good and is comfortable, but trying new things means I find a look I love sometimes!

  5. One of my best beauty tips would be that after applying foundation with a Beauty Blender or foundation brush, get a buffing brush and buff everything out so you can create a more flawless finish. And top it off with a finishing powder or spray! 😀

  6. My best beauty tip is watch LOTS and LOTS of youtube videos. I was doing so many things wrong, like the way I put on my foundation. I discovered a lot of things I never knew about via youtube.

  7. I always exfoliate plus I do not overdo the makeup. Do a classy look with using just a foundation,subtle bronzing and light on the blush and eyeshadow and mascara.

  8. Highlight your face with an upside down triangle. All around the eyes, down the nose and in the center of the chin. Don’t forget the inside corner of the eyes, too, with white or light shadow. Blend and enjoy!

  9. When I was younger, I would use a little bit of baby powders mixed in with my foundation because I had oily skin. It also stopped the shine during the day. It may not be a good idea some may say but, it worked for me!

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