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Crow Symbolism and Meaning: 11 Spiritual Meanings of Crows

The symbolism of the number of crows is steeped in ancient folklore and mythology. According to some sources, the number of crows a person sees can be interpreted as a sign of good or bad luck, depending on the context.

For example, if you see one crow, it may be viewed with negative connotations or seen as a bad omen of death or misfortune, while seeing multiple crows is often associated with rejoicing and good fortune depending on the number.

In old cultures, the crow spirit animal guides the souls of death into another world but the meaning has changed to evolve into new beginnings.

Additionally, the symbolism of crows has been incorporated into various myths and legends throughout history, including Norse mythology, the tales of Edgar Allan Poe, and a film by Alfred Hitchcock.

one black crow

Black crows have long been revered as creatures of wisdom and prophecy, embodying both darkness and light depending on their behavior and symbolism.

Whether you see one crow or many in North America, the number of crows can hold deep meaning for those who are attuned to their symbolism and lore.

So whether you are looking for guidance or simply interested in understanding the rich history and symbolism of this intriguing bird, keep on reading!

Here’s the scoop on the meaning and symbolism of the number of crows!

Was Your Crow Sighting Meaningful?

Like many other animals, crows can also carry different symbolism and spiritual meanings depending on the context and the factors leading to your encounter with the bird.

The first thing you must ask yourself is whether your encounter with the bird was expected like when walking in a park with birds.

When coming across a crow, if the appearance of a crow is surprising and not common, it is likely to hold some kind of spiritual meaning and may be a sign of good fortune or a sign of bad luck.

How to Know If Your Encounter Holds A Deeper Meaning?

The best guide to help you determine if your crow sighting has a deeper meaning is to listen to your instincts. Listening to your instincts will give you a clear message.

If you sense something important about your encounter through your subconscious mind, it’s worth taking the time to think about what it might mean.

It is likely to mean different things and have a deeper meaning if you come across a group of crows, a dead crow, or a murder of crows.

Number of Times You See Crows

Another aspect to keep in mind is the number of times you have come across crows whether it’s on your walk home, on the television, or outside your window. Make sure to pay close attention as your spirit guides may be communicating with you.

Some people can also have crow dreams to signify peace with their darker side. Coming across a number of crows multiple times within a certain timeframe may have a deeper meaning and symbolism.

Spiritual Meaning of the Crow

crows on tree

In many different cultures, crows have long been viewed as a symbol of death and darkness, perhaps due to their association with the underworld in mythology. However, they are also seen as a sign of good luck in some traditions.

The spiritual meaning of crows can be further explored by analyzing what the crow is doing when you see it.

Crows are scavengers and are often seen feeding on dead animals and dead bodies of humans. In popular culture, many people often associate crows with occults, dark magic, the underworld, or as simply bad luck.

However, the meaning of crows can go beyond these dark elements to signify the omens of death as a process of transformation. Encountering crows can symbolize the end of one phase followed by a new beginning.

The crow meaning refers to the “shadow self,” prompting people to take a step back and reconsider looking at certain situations from a different perspective. This will force people out of their comfort zone.

For people who find themselves being surrounded by negativity, a crow sighting may help them realize that their focus on negative energy is not worth it and this symbol will lead you in the right direction.

Symbolism of Crows

Steeped in ancient cultures, the crow is a powerful symbol with a variety of meanings. In Welsh Mythology and Celtic Mythology, The Celtic people also hold crows as a symbol of wisdom and good fortune in folklore through a crow totem. There is a goddess known as the Morrighan who appears in the form of a crow.

In Norse mythology, the God Odin has two crows, one representing thought and other representing memory. The bird species served as messengers to inform everyone of the things taking place in the kingdoms.

In Christianity for the Holy Spirit, the spiritual meaning of crows ties together with sacred law and is a symbol for transformation. The intelligence of crows also represents intelligence and creative energy.

In Greek Mythology, the symbolic meaning of crow represents God Apollo and his role as the God of Prophecy and healing for good health. There is a tale about Apollo who fell in love with a Thessalian princess named Coronis who was protected by Apollo’s divine messenger, the white raven.

Moreover, Coronis didn’t take an interest in Apollo and decided to stay by a mortal’s side instead. However, Coronis didn’t realize Apollo had a connection with the truth. After Apollo found out that his messenger didn’t heed his orders, the white raven turned black with black feathers.

Symbolism of the White Crow

Native American tradition also holds a special place for crows, viewing these birds as sacred messengers that bring messages from the spirit world. Native American cultures view them as intelligent birds and oftentimes the solutions to complex problems.

The white crow has held a special place in Native American symbolism for centuries. Often seen as messengers of change, they are often associated with totem animals – powerful symbols that represent spiritual connections between the physical world and the spirit realm.

To many indigenous cultures, these birds symbolize transformation, rebirth, and renewal; they can be seen as an omen when something significant is about to happen.

In addition to this, some Native American tribes believe that white crows are protectors from dark forces or supernatural events and represent a good sign.

As such, it is believed by many Native Americans that if you come across a white crow it could signify good luck or even divine intervention.

Here is the number of crows meaning and their symbolism.

1. A Single Crow

A single lone crow is often seen as a positive omen, signifying good fortune and the re-birth of new opportunities. This could be a sign of change and a symbol of transformation.

Encountering one crow may also mean a message or spiritual sign from a deceased loved one trying to comfort those during vulnerable times, especially during times of grief.

2. Many Crows

many crows flying in the sky

The symbolism of seeing many crows can have different meanings depending on the context. In general, lot of crows are often seen as a sign of spiritual growth and transformation.

This can refer to both personal and collective change, such as changes in the natural world or in our communities.

Depending on the number, the flock of crows can attribute to different meanings and spiritual messages. If there are large numbers of crows, the meaning may signify less fortunate news like a great flood.

If you come across seven crows, this may be more of a positive sign as the number seven is associated with travel and moving.

3. Crows Feeding On a Dead Animal

Seeing crows feeding on a dead animal may be considered a sign of misfortune, suggesting that one’s current situation is coming to an end.

However, it is important to remember that death and rebirth are part of the natural cycle of life, so this symbolism could also be interpreted as something new and exciting on the horizon.

4. Crows Cawing

Crows cawing may be considered a sign of warning or danger for human beings, especially if you happen to hear these birds upon an unexpected encounter.

However, the symbolism of this particular sound can also signify that you are on the right path and being called to keep moving forward in your journey.

Whether it is personal growth or taking action in a specific situation, these black birds may be encouraging you to stay strong and persevere.

5. A Crow Striking Your Head

If a crow comes into contact with you and strikes your head, this may be considered a sign of misfortune or something to take note of. It could signify that you are unable to see the truth in certain situations, and you may need to reassess where you are placing your focus.

6. Crow Feathers

a crow feather in a field

Finding crow feathers can be considered a powerful sign, as they are often associated with magic and ancient symbolism. Crow feathers may indicate that you have been given a new opportunity for your inner self or have tapped into your own mystical powers to help in certain situations.

Additionally, finding these feathers could mean that you need to delve deeper into the symbolism of crows and explore their meaning further.

7. A Crow Staring at You

A crow staring at you may be considered a sign of intuition. This symbolism suggests that you are following your inner wisdom, even if others around you do not understand or agree with your choices.

Following this intuition will lead to greater self-awareness and fulfillment. Having this power animal staring at you can also mean that someone you know from the spiritual realm has recently passed.

8. A Crow Following You

If you notice a crow following you, it could be a sign that someone from the spiritual world is trying to communicate with you. This symbolism may also indicate that your intuition and instincts are guiding you toward new opportunities or important decisions in your life.

Additionally, this symbolism could mean that someone who has passed away recently is wanting to watch over and guide you on your life’s journey.

9. A Crow Attacking You

If a crow comes into contact with you and actually tries to attack you, this can be seen as a sign of misfortune. It could signify that you have been given bad news, such as unexpected financial troubles or other significant challenges.

However, it is important to remember that change and growth can often be painful at first, so this symbolism may also point towards a major shift in your life that will ultimately lead to greater happiness and fulfillment.

10. A Crow Landing on Your Car

If you happen to see a crow land on your car, it may have something to do with the direction of life. Seeing a crow on your vehicle gives you the opportunity to reassess whether or not you have full control over your life.

11. A Crow Flying Across Your Path

a crow flying on road

If you happen to see a crow flying across your path, it could be a sign of guidance from the spiritual world. This symbolism may indicate that someone you love who has passed away recently is watching over and guiding you on your life’s journey.

Additionally, this symbolism may be suggesting that your intuition and instincts are leading you toward new opportunities or important decisions in your life.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the symbolism of crows is one that can have many different interpretations depending on the context and spiritual traditions.

Whether it is as a symbol of darkness, a good omen, black magic, or as a messenger from the spirit world, these black color birds are a powerful reminder to stay connected with nature and embrace change as a part of life.

Whether you believe in the crow symbolism or not, it’s important to take the appearance of crows as an opportunity to reflect on the meaning and how it can guide your thoughts and actions moving forward.

Good news, if you’re looking for some guidance to lead you on the right track or simply want to gain a deeper understanding of the symbolism and lore surrounding the black-feathered bird, keep these tips in mind the next time you see these common birds.

That’s the scoop on the meaning and symbolism of the number of crows!

number of crows symbolism and meaning

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  1. Thank you for your interesting article on Crows. When my mother in law was alive I used to call her “ the old crow”. My wife never liked this description her mum and thought I was rude. Since my Mum in law’s death a year ago it seems we often see a crow and regularly see and hear on in our garden. I always say, your mums here and Wendy, my wife, has warmed to the idea of her being around. This morning as she left the kitchen to go out in the garden I heard a crow nearby caw. Wendy just said “ morning Mum” I thought that was so sweet and beautiful. It really made me Chuckle and when I told Wendy she just said “ it’s nice to have her around “ I love it!

  2. Lost Mum In July 2021…We Were Very Close…I Always Think Of Her…It Really Traumatized Me…It Still Does To This Day..I Will Always Love Her Deeply…I Stay Strong And Head Her Words Of Wisdom….I Believe I Have Had Signs Here And There….Yesterday On Returning Home And Sitting In My Front Room I Heard The Cawing Of A Bird Coming From The Street…I Went To The Window And Looked Up To The Roof Opposite My House And Saw A Crow Perched On A Chimney..Something Told Me It’s To Do With Mum..I Went To Get My Phone To Snap A Pic,But Just As I Aimed The Camera,The Bird Flew Away…I Felt Disappointed That I Didn’t Get The Pic….But Still Felt Reassured…The Next Day I Was Pulling Some Weeds From House Front,When I Heard A Cawing Above Me, And There On The Chimney Opposite Was The Crow Looking Over Towards Me…I Pulled My Phone Out And Snapped A Pic..About A Month Earlier On Coming Home I Noticed A Large Black Feather In Front Of My Door…I Picked It Up And Placed It Near Some Of Mum’s Photos..Mum And I Did Discuss Whoever Went First Sending A Sign To Reassure The Other…We Promised Each Other…I Believe Mum Kept Her Promise…Thanks Mum..I Love You With All Of My Heart And Soul..That You So Graciously Blessed Many Times…God Bless You My Precious Friend x .

  3. My Dad passed away in 2015 as Alan Anderson I was very close to my dad as he is to his Mom, I still miss my Dad everyday and my Mom passed in 1981 when I was 16 I miss her everyday as well and know they are together. My Dad was a very unique and gentle man he was a Veteran and I am proud to be a Canadian Veterans daughter my Dad would find he most incredible rocks and kept them but one of the most beautiful gems my dad got was a 9 foot cedar totem pole it has 3 different carvings of faces on it that being a eagle a beaver and a bear this totem pole is carved on a cedar trunk and it now sits in my backyard since 2015 when my Dad passed away I have approx. 8 black crows in my front yard and back yard they never ever sit on the top of the totem pole but I feel protected by them. They are incredibly smart birds and have gotten to be fond of them when I come home from work they caw at me for attention I will give them peanuts I have even taught them to say Hello I consider them to be protecting me and reassuring me that my Dad and Mom are around and it is beautiful because they are there I feel safe as I did when I was a young girl Im turning 61 June 8th and never have forgotten my parents funny 8 crows as my birthday is on the 8th… beautiful spirtual birds I say

  4. Thank you for this information. I have had several crows in my backyard for the last 3 days, just cawing incessantly.
    I would be out there and would say to them “what do you want”. I would tell them they are being noisy.
    I just realized after reading your article, they were telling me to stay strong and keep going. The last few days for me have been challenging and I was not in a good place.
    Everytime I hear them that is what I’ll remember. Keep strong and persevere, you are on the right path,keep moving forward.
    Thank you again, this is what I needed to see today.

  5. Thankyou for the information. I had a strange occurrence today that may be a few things in one. I hit a crow and it got stuck in between my roof racks and car. It was fine though, I got it unstuck and it flew off after I opened my hands for it. It didn’t try attacking me, it just let me get it unstuck and then flew off. If you have other information, I’d be interested to hear about it.

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