D.I.Ying Your Own Education

 Would you consider yourself a DIY expert? Maybe you don’t need to call your parents anymore to ask what screws you need to hang a picture frame on the wall? Well, there’s a lot of things we can DIY in this world. You can put up a set of shelves yourself, or you can knock through a wall and make an open plan downstairs living area with your own goggles and hammer. But what about your education? Could you DIY that as well? Maybe!

So if you’re someone who’s never quite got on with the formal educational setting, or you couldn’t stand to sit still and listen on to a lecturer who drones for hours, or you just hated the forced participation when you never had the answers to the questions, this is the post for you. Keep on reading for a couple of schooling tips that might just inspire you.

You’d use half these tools in a normal classroom anyway! 

Give College a Skip

A couple of decades ago, it’d be rare to find a school leaver who didn’t plan to go to college. They were meant to be the best years of your life, ones in which you’d make lifelong friendships and have all the classical teenage and young adult experiences you were meant to because of the independence! It’s quite a romanticised time in theory, but in practice, it seems like a bit of a dying field…

More and more people are seeing the tide turning, and realising the lowering value of a college degree in our current economy, and deciding to carve out their own paths with education. Whether it’s a formal apprenticeship, or turning to online learning with its various courses for both hobbies and serious degrees alike, such as that of an online DNP program, there’s so many new and interesting ways to qualify yourself for the career of your dreams. And when all you need is an internet connection to get things going, you won’t have to worry about scheduling a time and place in your already hectic life!

Watch What’s Popular

When it comes to finding a qualification on your own time and terms, you’ve got to be mindful of what’s popular right now, and what will be popular in the future. Because we live in a society that changes everyday, with new values and new technology we’d never even dreamed of even just a couple of years ago, we need to have a good balance in our interests.

So start playing the field. Get yourself interested in multiple avenues of qualification, and multiple fields that you had little knowhow of yesterday. Keep your finger on the button with Google alerts and online magazine subscriptions, and always take a look at what’s new on the front pages of sites such as Udemy. This kind of method is indispensable for keeping your CV relevant!

D.I.Ying an education doesn’t have to be hard – there’s all kinds of resources out there for you!

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