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Damian Powers from Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” Gives the Scoop on If He’s Still with Giannina

Damian from Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” gives the scoop on all things the show, if he is still with Giannina, and much more.

Watch the full video interview here:

Joining the Show

Damian talks all about the way that he was casted for the show, and how he was the only person who came from a dating app.

” I started talking to this girl and conversation wise hit it off on the same level. Joined each other on social media and then after like a week and a half of talking, she was like ‘how’s your life, how’s your family life, what do you do for work?’…She was like ‘I’m actually a casting producer’. I sent back to her, I go Catfish…” -Damian Powers

Experience On The Show

The concept of this show and its new approach to dating is new for everyone. Damian tells us about what it was like for him trying to date when all you could do was hear eachothers voices.

“Essential you start to fall in love with the voice. You learn to adapt. You lose your sense of sight and all your other senses…so your hearing becomes this emotional rollercoaster.” -Damian Powers

His Relationship with Giannina

With everything that happened between the two of them, questions about whether or not Damian and Giannina are on good terms is a major question from fans adn viewers. Damian was able to give some insight into where the two stand.

“Yes! We are still together.” -Damian Powers

“We talked about moving in together and all this stuff…So we still hang out all the time…everything has been fun and adventurous.” -Damian Powers

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