Dating Naked Martha Robinson Shares Biggest Struggle on the Show

by Sarah Ruhlman
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In a Q&A we did with Martha Robinson, the 24 year old biologist from Hindsville, Arkansas opened up to us about herself and her experience on Vh1’s Dating Naked.  She explained her decision to apply for the show. “[It] was completely whimsical. I was binge watching re- runs with my sister, and thought, “hey, that could be fun..” I filled out my first application immediately and got a call back a couple months later.”

While Martha enjoyed her time on Dating Naked, it did have ups and downs.  Her biggest struggle on the show might actually surprise you, “I had just gotten a Brazilian before coming on the show- it looked GREAT but there were a few red bumps. I couldn’t decide whether or not putting make-up down there was acceptable.”

She credits her experience on the show for changing her views on dating.  “It’s taught me worth in being more conservative with a potential partner.” She explains, “Taking things slowly with people is important- not everyone deserves to know everything you have right off the bat, mentally or physically. You are a prize and worth earning.”

Girl, we completely agree.  Know your worth. So what does Martha want viewers to know about the show? “Every person I have asked did this show for the experience. We are all incredibly talented people, have huge goals for our futures, and were looking for something more.”

She explains how they wanted to put themselves out there. “Part of achieving everything we want takes a certain amount of fearlessness what better way to exercise that skill than to be completely naked in front of the world while pursuing the human race’s most sought after emotion?” Martha wants their audience to learn valuable lessons.  “I hope our audience learns they can achieve anything they want, they can live any way they want, and they can have life time experiences that will fulfill them, but they have to RISK and be BRAVE enough to grasp for life. I also hope they learn it’s ok to be a little crazy.”

Dating by itself is hard, we can’t imagine doing it naked.  Major props to Martha for giving it a try.  Make sure to read her full interview

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