Day To Night Outfit: How To Transform Your Day Look For A Night Out

Whether there’s a function on a weekday or your girlfriends invited you out, you may not have enough time to switch outfits. If you are at work, most likely you already have a pair of shoes stashed somewhere under your desk. And that’s fine, you can never be too careful. You may think “whatever I wear now is what I’m going to wear later”, I’ve said that a million times before too. Luckily, I am here to help with tips on how you could easily transform your fits from day to night.

Now, day-to-evening looks are not as complicated as you may think. You just need to know how to pair certain pieces together, and what to put on or take off.

Blazer Trend

I’m sure you’ve seen this trend everywhere. As beautiful as lingerie can be, oftentimes it’s only seen in your bedroom. With the rise of lace bodysuits on the market, it has been an appropriate go-to for during the day and chic at night. To give you some inspiration, I paired together leather pants with an all-black lace bodysuit and a sleek blazer. With this style, you can take off the blazer, change your shoes, and add a red lip. Takes you no time and you are ready to go.

Think About The Shoes

Note that shoes are a big accessory to your outfit and are just as important. You could opt for wearing flats during the day, then change into a stiletto. The quick shoe change takes a casual day fit into dressier vibe at night. Tip: let your hair down when you switch shoes.


One thing to keep in mind about transitioning your outfit is the jewelry. If you’re someone like me, who keeps a few pieces in your bag, you won’t have to travel home. I believe jewelry does addto your overall outfit. It is a huge piece of dressing up or down. Tip: match print shapes.

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