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This All-In-One Desk Bike Will Change Your Life

I am so excited about today’s post. I love it when I get to review products that turn out to be just as amazing as I had hoped! The All-In-One Desk Bike – Deskcise Pro™ V9 is my latest obsession.  I ordered it online, put it together by myself in less than 10 minutes and have not stopped using it since I set it up! As a full time blogger I am sure you can only begin to imagine how much time I spend on the computer. It is really important for me to get my daily exercise and with the use of the desk bike I am now able to multi task!

Desks have evolved as research has revealed how sitting for long periods of time can impact your health. Standing desks are now a thing of the past, because latest-and-greatest multitasking device is here! The All-In-One Desk Bike – Deskcise Pro™ V9 allows you to exercise while going about your day. I’m so excited to get fit while I work!

Designed to work for anyone

Weighing 75 pounds, this sturdy machine lets you go from sitting to biking to standing in no time. The seat is adjustable to accommodate any height with the press of a lever. Personalize your workout experience with eight different resistance levels all while cycling quietly and smoothly. A lever attached to the desk allows you to swivel up, down, forward, or backward to accommodate your activity. I also love that it runs on batteries so no cords necessary! You can move it around easily with the wheels and not worry about being next to an outlet.

Convenient and Comfortable

Something I noticed during my first ride is that the seat is really comfortable. It’s definitely more cushioned than a typical exercise bike and is wider to offer better support. This bike took one minute to assemble. The best part? No small pieces! It came with the seat attached, so all I had to do was screw on the desk.

Four wheels support the machine so that you can move it wherever you want. The wheels lock in place when you are ready to ride. The desk also has a wrist pad to ensure that you can stay comfortable while you work. There’s a cup holder located below the seat as well. You need to supply 2 AA batteries because the desk is cordless. There is a screen next to the resistance dial, which displays your current speed, distance traveled, and calories burned.

Worth the investment

The Deskcise Pro is priced at $499.99 but right now they have a back to school special at only $399! It has received an overwhelmingly positive public reaction. 88 percent of reviewers on amazon have given it a five-star rating. On the FlexiSpot website, the original retailer of the Deskcise Pro, it has received 111 five-star ratings. It comes in either black or white.

Health benefits beyond exercise

Because biking is gentle on your joints, low impact exercise will help improve you stay alert and active. Exercise can reduce the risk of anxiety, insomnia, and mental decline. The multi-sensory experience will boost concentration and train your brain to focus for longer periods of time. Using the Deskcise Pro for 30 minutes a day will increase your productivity while getting fit.


I definitely worried that I would be distracted by the bike while I pedaled, but I quickly discovered that wasn’t an issue. The Deskcise Pro has been designed with a “whisper-quiet” pedaling system so that you can stay focused on your work.

The wheels on the Deskcise Pro allow it to integrate with so many daily tasks. It can be a TV tray while you eat, a desk while you pay your bills, or a table while you play cards. The functionality of this device make it worth the investment.

The Deskcise Pro was awarded a 2018 Innovation Award from the Consumer Technology Association and in my opinion it is a well earned honor.  I can’t say enough good things about this desk bike.  If you are someone who spends a lot or even just a little amount of time sitting while working this is the bike for you! It’s comfortable and easy to work from.  

If you’d like to get the Deskcise Pro for yourself I recommend ordering now.  It is usually priced at $499 but with a back to school special they have marked it on sale for $399! Let me know if you decide to get your own!! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.