Desk to Datenight Glo Makeup Kit & More Product Reviews

I have always been someone who loves makeup. There is just something so fun about putting on makeup and really bringing a look together. But, to be honest I often don’t know what I should get or what looks good together. I was so excited to discover the new Desk to Datenight Kit from Glo Skin Beauty. It has four products that all go perfectly together and gives you the basic necessities to build a look for any occasion.

Whats inside the kit?

There are four Desk to Datenight Glo Makeup Kits with different color palettes. The Cityscape kit has cool, smokey tones. Rebel Angel contains warm colors like dark red. The two new, exclusive, kits Hey, Sailor and Bon Voyage include deep colors. Hey, Sailor plays around with blues and browns to mimic waves on sandy shores. Bon Voyage contrasted warm colors and soft earthy tones. No bold, drastic colors are chosen because neutral, flexible colors allow you to create multiple unique looks.

Inside each Desk to Datenight Glo Makeup Kit is a mini eyeshadow palette with four complimenting colors, blush, lip pencil, and gloss. These pieces encourage healthy skin with their rich mineral ingredients.

In addition to these Desk to Datenight kits, Glo has a variety of other products to help you achieve the perfect look. Glo’s Face Primer helps eliminate lines and pores in your skin, so your foundation has a smooth clean surface to lay on. This face primer is translucent so it’s great for any type of skin. Apply it before the makeup in your kit, so it stays on longer.

The next must-have Glo product is the Luminous Liquid Foundation. This foundation comes in eight different shades and contains SPF 18. The mineral foundation helps provide coverage while keeping skin healthy. Not only does Luminous Liquid Foundation have minerals but a blend of Vitamin A, C, E, and Green Tea Extract that allows for a healthy dewy finish. This foundation is perfect to wear when you know you will taking a lot of photos… because the formula includes light-diffusing properties so you won’t look shiny or washed out.

Other Glo Products

Glo’s Contour Kits will help sculpt your face to any degree. Whether you want Kardashian level chiseled contour or a softer contour. The dark shades will slim your cheekbones and jawline while the highlights will brighten the forehead and upper cheekbones.

If you’re like me you’re probably not good at eyeliner at all. I avoid it at all cost. But Glo’s Precise Micro Eyeliner in Black has a slim tip that allows you to make conscious, error-free strokes. You’ll be able to get an effortless wing.

Mascara is something I wear every day. Even if I’m wearing nothing else. It easy to apply and fast.  Although it’s not in the kits, every woman should have a tube of mascara. Glo’s Volumizing Mascara will give you long, thick lashes to bat across the table at date night. The clump-free formula also conditions your lashes while typical mascara dehydrates lashes making them brittle and breakable.

With or without these amazing products the Desk to Datenight Glo Makeup Kit provides all you need to create a beautiful, fun look specifically designed for you and any occasion life may throw at you.

Check out all of Glo Skin Beauty’s makeup products here!

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