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Did Tik Tok Hate Send Lin-Manuel Miranda Off Twitter?

Lin Manuel Miranda, Courtesy of Disney/ABC
LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA at 2019 Comic-con, Courtesy of Disney/ABC

The Fatal Tweet

Famed composer and playwright Lin Manuel Miranda announced late last week that he will be sadly taking a break from Twitter. This comes after great success for Miranda, following the Disney+ release of his ground-breaking musical Hamilton. Not only that but his 2005 musical In The Heights has a movie adaptation expected in June of 2021.

After this disappointing Tweet, many fans have begun to speculate why Miranda has left Twitter. Especially, since the platform has been a popular one for the composer. In the past, Miranda has garnered loving fans through his uplifting “G’morning” and “G’night” tweets, which were eventually turned into a book.

The Big Theory

One very popular theory about Miranda’s leave is the recent “hate” he has been receiving on Tik Tok. Mainly, the topic of controversy has been several selfies of Miranda biting his lip, which apparently Tik Tokers find cringe and awkward. Because of this, many fans have been teasing Miranda about these photos, much of which has leaked onto Twitter and other social media platforms.

Because of this theory, the replies to Miranda’s final Tweet have been wrought with a combination of trolls and fans. Some people continue to post the lip-biting photos while others argue that the joke was funny at first but has now clearly had some tough consequences. Clearly, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s fan base is divided.

Reasonable Doubt

However, in the end, we can’t know for sure if this Tik Tok beef is what truly sent the Alexander Hamilton actor off of Twitter. Another theory might just be that Miranda is working on a new project. On July 13th, Miranda did tweet this:

Not only that, but Miranda has admitted to being somewhat of a Twitter addict. If you just look at his page you’ll see that he posts several times a day from retweets to his own personal shoutouts. Maybe he simply needed to put social media down for a while. Because of this, we have to sit back and wonder if this household name has really been affected by some minor Tik Tok drama or if he just took some time for himself amidst all the craziness that is his career.

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What do you think about this Tik Tok revelation? Are fans being too hard on Lin? Does he have something new in the works? Let us know!

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Erin McLaughlin

Wednesday 22nd of July 2020

Maybe we are reading too much into it. We all know Lin has very little chill, I think if it had really been about the lip-biting, he would have found another way to deal with it. I mean, the man has playfully called out fans in freestyles before for less. That said, Chris Jackson has taken to Twitter with a series of tweets about bullying-- and the timing seems right on, so I don't know.

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