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Disenchanted is a Glorious Nostalgic Fairytale-Movie Review

Featuring Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Maya Rudolph, James Marsden, and Idina Menzel, “Disenchanted” is the sequel to the well-loved movie, “Enchanted.” The live-action sequel continues Giselle’s journey with her family in New York.

However, Giselle has had her heart set on moving to a place that reminds her of everything she has grown up with—small, quaint houses and gardens filled to the brim with colorful fragrant flowers except without the ogres and the magical carriages.

Giselle and the rest of the Disenchanted movie cast
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With Giselle’s love for Andalasia, will her disillusions turn Monroeville and her family upside down forever?

Go through a nostalgic happily ever after with “Disenchanted!”

Here’s the scoop on our review of “Disenchanted!”

The Concept of a Fairytale

giselle picks up a magical wand
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“Enchanted” provides a subtle glimpse into the clash of two worlds, one where Giselle has grown up and the other where she accidentally has fallen into. Despite New York City having no true resemblance to Andalasia, Giselle falls in love and establishes a family of her own in the bustling city, marking her happily ever after or so we thought.

As life drifts by, Giselle begins to realize that New York City is a place bound to give them less happiness and more hardships.

Coming from a fairytale herself, Giselle knows that New York City is far from the fairytale she envisioned herself to have, and instead moving and starting a new life in Monroeville with a cheesy slogan about experiencing a place just like a fairytale seems like the perfect fit.

She brings her family along as they reluctantly agree to start over in Monroeville with no sounds of car horns and traffic to remind them of the city they hold close to their heart.

“Disenchanted” further shows the clash of two worlds with the mixture of teenage hormones and motherhood.

Mother & Daughter Relationship

giselle and her family
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Some of the most recent live-action and animation movies have centered on female empowerment and that finding a prince charming is not the answer to every problem. “Disenchanted” is another movie with the same concept but creates an unbreakable mother-and-daughter relationship that reverts an evil curse.

Giselle thought she had motherhood figured out when she was able to captivate Morgan with magical stories about Andalasia; however, Morgan has become a teenager who would rather live a normal life than involve herself in a magical fairytale.

Even if their relationship is bound to be one with many flaws, Giselle and Morgan are part of a family and family may be more powerful than any kind of magic.

Disenchanted Musical Soundtrack

nancy and prince edward performing
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With Giselle’s love for singing, “Disenchanted” has plenty of music fit for nearly every scene. Written by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz, the soundtrack is a heartwarming and nostalgic journey worth listening to all over again.

Even during the dark moments and setbacks, Giselle (Amy Adams) brought songs to life with her sweet-sounding voice with the extra bonus of hearing the unforgettable voice of Idina Menzel from the iconic Disney film, Frozen.

Revisiting Elements from Other Disney Movies

malvina leading her servants
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“Enchanted” granted the audience memories from their childhood with a princess who carries magic and effortlessly sings with animals from the balcony of a tall tower or also known as a New York skyscraper.

But the sequel further dives into the nostalgic fairytale elements that everyone has come to love. Throughout the movie, there are subtle moments where almost every Disney movie comes back to life if only for a brief second.

“Disenchanted” takes a hold of every Disney fan’s heart and brings them on a journey infused with comedy, family, and a tight-knit community.

Watch “Disenchanted” on Disney+ on November 18th!

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