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Disney’s “Baymax!” Returns to Help Others in Short Series- Review

The intelligent healthcare robot sets foot back in San Fransokyo to help others. After the Big Hero 6 movie and series, the six-episode Baymax series produced by Roy Conli and Bradford Simonsen is a collection of shorts that follows the inflatable robot as he comes across side characters who need medical emergencies. The cute series is focused on the white robot, but there are a few scenes with Hiro and Aunt Cass.

Here’s the scoop on the Disney series, Baymax!

A Friendly Companion

Baymax and Kiko
Walt Disney Studios

Baymax sets out to help people in many different ways. He even goes far as to include a few words of wisdom and encouragement to fit the situation. Baymax becomes the perfect companion to have when faced with the obstacles life manages to throw at us. His inflatable robot appearance may seem daunting due to his height that towers over the people, but his good intentions spread through to the people living in San Fransokyo.

Different from humans, Baymax is programmed to fulfill his mission as a supportive healthcare robot. The Baymax series further highlights the conflicting feelings that humans carry when someone is set on barging into their lives to help them. Many of the people he helps throughout the series reject his assistance at first with the idea that a robot shouldn’t provide a helping hand for their problems. But they learn to accept the robot for who he is even if it might be uncomfortable.

Robots Aren’t Invincible

robot and a class
Walt Disney Studios

Baymax easily navigates difficult situations when seeking to provide assistance without a second thought. With his ability to inflate and deflate, he is considered to be well advanced when it comes to robots. However, we find out that his capabilities can only go so far. When Baymax doesn’t come home, Hiro Hamada starts to worry about his whereabouts.

Final Thoughts

Walt Disney Studios

The short episodes in the Baymax series all focus on different people needing help, but the series manages to come around full circle when Baymax finds himself in trouble. Many of the situations depicted throughout the episodes are realistic enough that the audience is able to relate. Besides the serious situations, there are few moments of comic relief that make this series worth watching on repeat. Although the Baymax series doesn’t expand the world featured in Big Hero 6, the collection of episodes still manages to tap into the audience’s emotions.

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