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Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet Announcement + Sneak Peek

Start your weekend with a new sneak peek at Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet and an awesome announcement about the upcoming film!

Welcome, Gal Gadot!

Because it wasn’t awesome enough that we got a look at Disney princesses hanging out in loungewear, Gal Gadot just announced she’s in Ralph Breaks the Internet! That’s right. Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman herself, has a part in Wreck-It Ralph 2 as a street racer. Shank is her name, and she’s from an intense racing game called Slaughter Race. Gal finally made the announcement on Twitter this morning and the hype is real!

“This girl can drive!”

Vanellope is a super racer with dozens of victories under her belt and Shank isn’t a bad driver herself. After a race between the two, Shank thinks the kid definitely has skills. Vanellope’s amazed by the older driver. Who wouldn’t be? Shank has a tattoo, sports a wicked leather jacket, and races fearlessly in one of the toughest games online. Would our Sugar Rush driver actually consider leaving arcade life to race online? We’ll have to watch Ralph Breaks the Internet to find out!

Get a look at Shank!

BEHIND THE WHEEL — “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” introduces Shank, a tough and talented driver in an intense online racing game called Slaughter Race.[…]Featuring Gal Gadot as the voice of Shank, “Ralph Breaks the Internet” opens in U.S. theaters on Nov. 21, 2018. ©2018 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

“She’s from the other studio.”

A special sneak peek of the film has another clip with the Disney princesses. We get a better look at a few princesses missing from that pajama party photo. Merida sits among her fellow princesses talking to Vanellope about her experience with accidentally turning her mum into a bear. All of the princesses look at her, some amazed, some confused. Aurora looks pretty annoyed at Merida for causing her to spill her drink. Meanwhile, Moana explains to Vanellope that they can’t understand her. Anna mentions why, and the reason is not what you think.

The inside jokes from Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet seem to get funnier with each trailer and sneak peek. Between Disney’s The Nutcracker and Wreck-It Ralph 2, we seriously can’t wait for November!

Hear Merida’s Story and Gal Gadot as Shank!

Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet hits theaters November 21!

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