DIY 3 Step Disney Figure Ornaments

I, personally, am obsessed with holiday decor. But sometimes ornaments can be expensive, especially when shopping for big brands like Disney. Which is why today’s DIY is a project that brings you holiday festvity without draining your wallet.

Here is a super simple 3 Step Disney Figure Ornament DIY.

What You Will Need:

This project cost me less than $15 total. The Disney figure play set (found in the toy section) was $12 at Walmart and the hooks were $0.99. The yarn I already had and the drill was borrowed from my dad. So if you divide $13 by 5 ornaments, that comes out to $2.60 an ornament. You can’t beat that!

STEP 1. Drill hole

Using a drill bit small enough to match your hooks, drill a hole in the top of your Disney figures. The placement should be centered and towards the back, although you could really put the hole wherever you like. Only drill a short distance, keeping in mind the length of your screw.

STEP 2. Insert screw

Twist the screw into the hole. You should feel some resistance (because the figures are plastic) but it shouldn’t be very difficult.

STEP 3. Add string or hook

Now we need to hang our figures up! For these ornaments I used white yarn, but you can also use ornament hooks or even twist some paperclips.

And that’s it! Hang up your ornaments wherever you like and enjoy counting all the money you just saved with this DIY.

Also a tip: Disney makes tons of figures for reasonable prices. Whether you like Frozen, the Lion King, Disney Princesses, or anything else, the figures are out there! So make sure to grab your favorite and make tons of ornaments for you and your tribe!

Tell us all about what figures you use for your ornaments in the comments!

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