DIY Bleached Two-Tone Jeans

As many may have or have not seen the new trend of bleaching jeans seems to be the next big thing. This trend is currently big on social media apps such as Instagram and TikTok, as a lot of influencers have been seen in distressed, two-tone jeans.

Spice up your wardrobe with bleached, two-tone jeans! It’s relatively easy to do all by yourself! All you will need are a pair of jeans, whether they be skinny, mom, or wide-leg, some bleach, and a few other materials like gloves and tape. Keep reading to get the scoop on how to bleach your own jeans.

picture of two-toned jeans


How to Two-tone Your Jeans

  1. Start by laying out your jeans flat on the ground and making sure there are no creases.
  2. Tape the crotch seam fully going from the top waist line to the crotch. Do this on both sides of the jeans
  3. If you want your pockets to remain unchanged, then fully tape the side you are bleaching to ensure no bleach will get on it. 
  4. Put on gloves
  5. Take your bowl and fill it with bleach.
  6. Grab the sponge and immerse it in the bleach, pressing it onto the jeans of the side you want bleached.
  7. I suggest leaving the bleach on after completion for about 1 to 2 hours or longer if you want a lighter luck.
  8. After you have achieved the color you want, rinse the bleach in cold water until water is clear. 
  9. Put jeans in the washing machine and dry.
  10. Enjoy your new pants! 
two-tone jeans

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