DIY Carpet Cleaning Advice From The Pros

We all know that keeping a carpet clean, especially a white carpet, can be a difficult operation. If you’ve got kids or a busy family life, a clean carpet is usually pretty low down your list of priorities.


The good news is that keeping a carpet in good condition is possible. You just have to know what you’re doing. Here are three DIY strategies you can use to keep your carpet clean.

Strategy 1: Use A Pro

You might not know this, but most carpet makers recommend that buyers hire out a pro to get their carpets professionally cleaned. Pros pretreat your carpet with detergent. And they use high-pressure steam washers to flush out all the dirt and detergent. The end result is a carpet that’s been deep cleaned and has had all the grime and bacteria removed. The good news is that there is no better way to have your carpet cleaned. The bad news is that it’ll set you back around $500 – and that’s just for a small job. If you’ve got a lot of carpets you need cleaning, it’ll be even more.


But fear not DIY fans. You can hire out a carpet cleaning machine yourself. Make sure, though that you follow the instructions carefully before starting to clean yourself.

Strategy 2: Get Your Vacuuming Schedule In Order

Dirt is the enemy not only of a clean house but also of carpets themselves. Small dust particles cause the fibers in carpets to fray when they are rubbed together by somebody walking on them. It’s a little bit like attrition on a river bed when rocks jangle together and become smooth. Dust and grit can become incorporated into the fibers, once they’re damaged. And this then causes them to lose their sheen.

Vacuuming, therefore, isn’t just reactive – it’s preventive. Vacuuming regularly actually stops the buildup of particles that can lead to damage. Remember, oily soils can themselves lead to more oily soils and dirt buildup. Make sure that your vacuum bag is clean before you begin, and that your filter isn’t clogged. Dirty vacuum internals can reduce suction by up to half. Click here to compare vacuums.

Strategy 3: Clean Up Stains Immediately

Have you ever noticed that if you’re quick to react to a stain, the damage to your carpet isn’t as bad? There’s a reason for this. Every time you spill something on your carpet, a chemical reaction starts. The chemicals in, say, red wine, begin reacting with the fibers in the carpet. If you get to the stain quickly enough, there isn’t sufficient time for this reaction to take place, and the stain can be dealt with. If you get to the stain late, then it’s almost impossible to remove it.

Here’s what to do if your carpet gets stained. First, try using water to remove it. According to the data, around 80 percent of stains can be removed with water alone. Press a clean cloth into the stain to remove as much as possible. Then use a damp cloth to repeatedly mop up the rest until it’s all absorbed.

If that doesn’t work, then reach for the vinegar or soda, but not before.

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