DIY “Home Inspired” Cork Coasters

I am always looking for fun DIY projects that will make my home feel even more homey. With these coasters I’ve found the perfect project, drinks sweat and sweating drinks can ruin your wood furniture.  Regular coasters can be boring or expensive, but not these! These quick and easy coasters will be sure to add a little personality to your room and protect your furniture:



1. Take your round object that is about the size you want your coaster to be and and trace it with your sharpie.


2. Cut out the circle and then flip over so you don’t see the sharpie outline.

3. Cut string about twice as long as you think you’ll need, remember: too much is better than too little. You can use any color or string you want, but white shows up best on the cork.

4. Hot glue the word or words you want on your coaster. You can use a cursive word or really any type of lettering that matches your wants. Tip: drag the tip of the hot glue gun on the coaster for the most consistent line.

5. As you hot glue the words, wait a few second then lightly press the strings into the hot glue, doubling up on thickness so that you will be able to read the word better.

6. Let the hot glue dry with the string and then you have a cute, homey coaster!

I hope you enjoy this DIY for these cute cork coasters that are quick and simple enough to make yourself!

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