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DIY: How-To Bleach Tie-Dye

Photo by Santina Cillo

I’m sure you’ve seen the tie-dye trend on Instagram during quarantine. However, a new style of tie-dye has become popular lately. Instead of colorful dye, this new trend uses bleach. I’ve tie-dyed before with basic white t-shirts, but I’m ready to try something different! This new method allows you to take out that old, oversized black sweatshirt and transform it into an awesome tie-dye piece! This style looks even better with a paired with matching sweatpants to make it into a stylish fit. I’ve decided to take this trend on for myself and I’ve made a step by step guide to help you achieve this DIY look, too!


Photo by Santina Cillo

Step 1: Soaking Sweatshirt

To begin, fill a bucket with room temperature water. When the bucket is filled halfway, submerge the sweatshirt into the water.

Photo by Santina Cillo

Step 2: Scrunch Sweatshirt

Once the sweatshirt is soaked, take it out of the water and wring it out well. After it’s wrung out, place the sweatshirt on a flat surface. When finding a surface, make sure that you won’t stain or ruin anything! It’s helpful to lay down a towel or garbage bag so that you don’t make a mess. After you’ve laid out the sweatshirt flat on the surface, scrunch it up into a tight ball.

Photo by Santina Cillo

Step 3: Place On Rubber Bands

When your sweatshirt is all scrunched up, it’s time to secure it with rubber bands. A good tip is to use at-least 5 rubber bands. This will help make your tie-dye design even better!

Photo by Santina Cillo

Step 4: Tie-Dye Shirt With Bleach

After the rubber bands are placed tightly onto the sweatshirt, grab your spray bottle and fill it up halfway with Clorox Bleach. Use the spray bottle to spray the top and bottom sides of the sweatshirt. Make sure you spray liberally, so the bleach soaks through the sweatshirt.

Step 5: Finished Design

Once you’re done spraying, let the sweatshirt sit for at least 12-15 hours. You can then take off the rubber bands and throw the sweatshirt into the washer. Wash it with hot water and a mild detergent. After the washer, place the sweatshirt into the dryer for a full cycle to dry on high heat.

There you have it! Now you can take mirror selfies with your cute, bleach tie-dyed sweatshirt for Instagram.

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