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DIY Little Mermaid Inspired 2 Ingredient Lip Balm

The Little Mermaid enchanted our minds at a young age. We all wanted to live in a beautiful underwater world and be adorned by pearls and bright color coral. Mermaid style is still thriving today with bright colors and a TON of glitter. People have taken underwater themes and turned them into mermaid crowns or necklaces.  We decided to try and make DIY Little Mermaid lip balm.

This DIY Little Mermaid inspired lip balm is a super easy and fun craft to make for galentines day. Its also a great activity for you to try with your daughter. Or for all you makeup fanatics out there wanting to set a new trend. It only has two ingredients so it won’t take too much of your time and money.

How to make the DIY Little Mermaid Lip Balm


First, get a bottle of petroleum jelly. We used Vaseline Jelly to make our balm. Vaseline Jelly is fantastic for this balm because it seals in moisture. Which is perfect for healing chapped lips or small cuts and burns. So you can rejuvenate your lips while still looking stylish. Might as well keep a bottle of Vaseline Jelly in your first aid kit. You’ll never know when you might need it!


Next, you want to put a small amount of Vaseline Jelly in a small container. Lower your environmental footprint by reusing an all lip balm container. Where ever you get your container it will be easier to use a short container that’s not as tall like a tube. This will make mixing the sprinkles and Valentine together easier and give you a better even gloss.

Once you have put your Vaseline Jelly in the container add the sprinkles. Use Wilton Bright Colored Sugar Sprinkles. They are edible and you want to make sure you use edible sprinkles since you will be putting this on your lips. And because the sprinkles are edible the color will naturally mix a little and allow for a better-colored lip balm.  Finally, and this last step is optional, you can pop the DIY Little Mermaid lip balm into the freeze for a few minutes to help create a thicker lip balm that won’t smear as easily.

No one wants to give up on the Little Mermaid and you don’t have to. You can make our DIY Little Mermaid lip balm and still feel like a grown adult. You can even make it while you’re watching the movie. It’s not hard to make so it won’t take away your attention from the movie.

The Little Mermaid on Blu Ray & Digital Now Available

The Little Mermaid, a Disney classic based on Hans Christian Andersen’s haunting and mystical short story, will have its 30th Anniversary. To celebrate the anniversary the two time Academy Award® winning movie will come out on DVD in 4K Ultra HD for the first time ever February 26th. There will be new bonus features and sing along modes perfect for a Little Mermaid watch party with your Disney lover.

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