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DIY Lovers Listen Up!

With the long summer finally over, we’re heading into the season of fall. The annoying season where some days are just too hot, and others are too cold. With so many things to think of, such as Halloween celebrations, Christmas preparations etc. You need to begin thinking of what needs to be done around the house. There’s a few things you’ll be able to complete yourself. But sometimes you just need to accept that some things you just can’t DIY, especially when money is going to be tight enough with it being so close to Christmas.


Whether you have children or not, there’s no doubt that showed in random drawers all over the house, is an array of pens that you never seem to be able to find when you need them. Or a set of keys that just gets left on the side, only to magically have disappeared later on that day. So why not make yourself some stylish tin can pots, one for the main rooms in the house. It doesn’t matter what you use, something as easy as an empty tin can of beans will do. Simply thoroughly clean it out and remove all outer packaging. File down the rim to remove any sharpness, this is especially important if you have children. Then either leave it as it is for a more rugged look, or grab a few different colour paints and add a few patterns. If you want to be especially creative, try making a few Halloween one’s to get in the spirit. Or let your kids do their own as well.

DIY Furniture

This is for the more advanced DIYers out there. Creating your own furniture is cheaper, most likely better for the environment, and is just really fun to do. You can either upcycle an old piece of furniture, such as a coffee table, or go out and buy a few items to create a masterpiece. For now, we’re going to talk about buying the items and starting from scratch. A really simple idea is shelves for you room. It’s all too common for the drawers in our room to become full of clutter. Everybody has that “draw of important things”. This then starts spreading to two drawers, and before you know it there’s a crisis on your hands. So, go to your local DIY store, and pick up either 3 or 3 planks of decking wood. This will be thick and durable enough to make a long lasting shelf. Grab two brackets per wooden board. Cut the wood to size, the shelves can be as long or small as you’d like. Tip, if you want to be extra quirky, mix up the length of each shelf. Paint them to match the colour of your room if you wish, or leave them natural. Screw the brackets around three inches in from either end. Then screw into the wall.

Don’t Try This At Home

Hurricane season is set to be one of the most violent seasons on record. With the heart of winter only 2 or so months down the link, it’s set to have the heaviest snowfall on record. So preparing your home in good time is essential. Making sure everything is in working order such as the boiler, and even things such as additional heating is in place. A worthwhile investment might be something like a mini split installation. It acts as both a heater, and a cooler, and is so much more cost effective than an actual home heating system. With the weather set to be so cold, it might be a great idea for additional heat, as well as your home heating system. When the summer comes around again, you can switch it to the cooler, for again, a cost effective way of keeping every one happy.


Nothing brings the house to life like a repaint. The one dulled, marked walls spring back to life. Choose bright colours, the bring as much light into the room as possible during the darker months. If you’re choosing to decorate your kids room, let them help too! It’s a great bonding session, and helps them learn a passion for DIY for a young age. A cool idea for their room is, paint it all white, then get some bright colors such as greens, reds, blues, and let them dip their hands in and place them all over one wall. Sort of like a cute feature wall. Not only will they absolutely love it, the wall will most likely stay that way for a year or so, so it’ll be a lovely time to reminisce when it does go.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.