9 Ways Make Your Bed Extra Comfortable

Who doesn’t love bedtime? I know I do! Your bed is the most important component in making naps and nighttime more enjoyable. So why not make it extra cozy? Here’s the scoop on how to make your bed extra comfortable!

A Down Comforter

A down comforter is luxurious and is an important key component to any bed. So in other words, don’t be cheap! A good down comforter is exactly what you need to feel like you’re wrapped in a cloud but it’s going to cost a couple of pennies. I promise these weightless clouds of bird feathers are going to make the sleepy time a dream in itself.

However, if the cost is the one thing keeping you from this investment, there is always an alternative down comforter; nice, warm, and a little bit friendlier to your wallet.

A Mattress Pad

Add a pillow to your mattress! A foam pad is the ideal extra topper to help make your mattress softer and the foam will cradle you in comfort. If you do not want the foam, even a regular mattress pad will create an extra layer of comfort. It will also protect your mattress and keep the quality high!


Who doesn’t love blankets? Every bed needs a perfect blanket that is warm and soft. Faux fur blankets come in all different colors and have a plushness that can make every girl feel glamorous in bed. Or give a knitted blanket a try! Warm, pretty and comforting just like your favorite winter sweater, a knitted blanket will give your bed that extra boost of heat you need on a cold night.

Linen Sheets

Like the down comforter, linen sheets are pricey. But they keep your warm during the winter and cool during the summer. You’ll get more for your buck with this purchase and naps will feel ten times better.

Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows

There is never such a thing as too many pillows. Add different colors, shapes, and sizes. These will help make your bed cute and give you all sorts of comfort when it comes time to lay your head down at night. In addition to a good bed pillow helping you sleep better, accent pillows help your mood!

Pillow Mist

Have you ever seen those little scented bottles in the home décor section? These are sprays for your bed that will make it smell amazing! Stores like Bath and Body Works even have scents that are meant to help with sleeping. Add these scents to your pillows and your bed will not only feel clean but it will smell clean.

A Rug

Yes, even if you have a carpet on your bedroom floors, get a rug for your room. A fuzzy rug next to your bed will make waking up a lot easier on your feet! So, they are the perfect product for fashion and function.

String Lights

Lighting makes such a huge difference in the feel of a space. Adding different strings of lights can help bring a comforting gleam to your bedroom at nighttime. Consider using a sheet or curtain behind your bed and then adding the lights behind it to avoid the Christmas look but still get that beautiful twinkle while in bed.

Wax Warmers

Candles are huge accessories to a bedroom. But candles are not the only way to make your room smell like a batch of cookies or a field of flowers. Wax warmers are a safe flameless source of scents that can help add those flavors that will make you want to lock yourself in your room for days. Set a warmer next to your bed, turn it on like a lamp, and breathe in the amazing smells while you escape into a wondrous slumber.

You can create your own comfortable escape from the world by using some of these tips to make your bed sensationally cozy.

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