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DIY: Neon Crystal Necklace

This season is all about the neon crystal necklaces that add a fun pop of color to an otherwise simple outfit.  There are other versions out there, but if you’re not willing to spend an arm and a leg then here is an easy and cheap (and fun!) way to make one of your own.  Check out this DIY necklace.

First, start with any faux diamond necklace that you love.  You can find cheap ones at an H&M, Claires, or similar.  Lay your necklace on a flat surface and if you’re cautious you can lay it on top of some paper incase you accidentally drip and tape the ends down to make it secure.  Now you’re ready to paint.  

You should use an opaque nail polish in your desired color(s) (I used Sinful Colors Professional in Neon Melon and Urban Outfitters Matte Green 7). Make sure to get enough paint on the brush because you’ll want to have good coverage.  Carefully paint the face of each stone just like you would give yourself a manicure.  Once your first layer of paint is dry repeat with a second coat, so your stones look even.  Let them dry for about ten minutes and finish them off with a layer of clear polish topcoat to give your necklace a flawless sheen.  Let it dry overnight.

Et voila! A super easy DIY project that is sure to make a statement.  Will you give this a go?

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Bookcase By Dimension

Friday 11th of August 2017

It’s cheap as well as cute. I like it. I am going to try this for sure.


Sunday 29th of July 2012

This is super cute!! I'm going to try it soon with some friends ;)

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