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DIY Pedicure: 9 Steps for Smoother Feet

We’re still in the midst of a bitter winter, but it’s time to begin preparation for warmer weather ahead! It will soon be sandal season, so after stuffing our feet in socks and boots for three months, it is time to liberate our toes.

Get the scoop on this easy DIY pedicure! Here are eight steps to transforming harsh winter feet into smooth summer beauties without spending salon dollars.

Items Needed for DIY Pedicure:

1.  You should begin with a clean and bare canvas. Start with removing old or chipped polish using acetone polish remover and cotton balls.

2. Softening the skin on the feet is essential for a successful pedicure, so fill a large bowl with warm water, Epson salt, and optional scented oil to make the experience relaxing and luxurious. While reading an entertaining book or listening to calming music, soak the feet for 10 to 15 minutes or until the skin underneath is soft.

3.  After the skin is soft, the next step is to buff feet and heels. Dry your feet and legs with a clean towel before using a pumice or callus stone to smooth the rough or cracked heel. We recommend rubbing the stone across the heel, ball of the foot, and the big toe. You should never scrub the skin too hard or rub the top of the foot; the foot’s skin is sensitive and should be softened with caution.

For calluses, use the stone to soften the skin, but don’t shave them off! It can cause extensive damage and sometimes calluses are good. They’re like a protective area on your feet. You don’t want to eliminate them.

4. Of course, exfoliation is the next step after buffing because the skin is now smooth and soft and the excess can be removed. You can create a homemade exfoliating cream using olive oil and salt or sugar, we recommend using a scrub with natural ingredients. Apply the mixture and rub it upward on the foot for two to four minutes or until the legs and feet are soft. Once your feet are at the desired softness, rinse the mixture off in the footbath.

5. Now that the heels and balls of the feet are taken care of, it’s time to cater to the nails. Begin with clipping the toenails with a professional clipper. Most are less than $4 at local retail stores including Target. Once the nails are at a desirable length, file them to create a cute shape. You’ll know if you’re at the right length if when you run your finger across the top of your toe, your nail barely grazes your finger.

6. Nothing is less attractive than feet and legs that aren’t moisturized, so use this step to step up the sex appeal. Apply a rich lotion or cream to the legs and feet to smooth and soften skin.

7. Just as we soften the bottoms of our feet, our nails need to be softened and moisturized as well.  Cuticle oil is the perfect product for this; it revitalizes the rougher areas and softens the cuticle bed. It is sold at retail stores as well.

8.  Use a Popsicle stick or cuticle remover to press the cuticles down and back. This keeps them from interfering with the polish and ruining the look.

9. Finally, it is time to polish! First, you should apply a base coat so polishing will be easier. Two coats of nail polish should follow before finally finishing with a top coat.

You now have summer feet! Invest in some cute sandals and flaunt this beautiful DIY pedicure.

Giving yourself a pedicure at home is lots of fun, but if you have any underlying issues with your skin or nails, it’s best to visit a professional podiatrist. Discolored toenails are the first sign of a fungal nail infection, luckily there are several treatment options available, including anti-fungal creams or laser nail fungus treatment. Podiatrists can treat a range of issues with your feet, whether it’s blisters, athletes foot, verrucas, or injuries.

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Beyond Skin

Tuesday 5th of September 2017

Who doesn't want a smooth foot? Thanks for sharing this.

Maria del Mar

Friday 10th of July 2015

very good tips

Rough Feet

Tuesday 19th of June 2012

my boyfriend might actually not be grossed out by my feet now lol!!

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