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Top 10 Dog Parks in Kansas City

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to find fun activities to do outside to enjoy the weather while it lasts. But you can’t leave out your furry best friend. Here are the top 10 dog parks in the Kansas City metro area.

Most of these are off leash dog parks, but not all of them have fences. So be weary of that if you ever have a difficult time calling for your dog. If you visit any of these parks, send in your photos and thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

1. Shawnee Mission Park – Off-Leash Dog Area

This expansive park will be fun for your canine best friends this summer. There is plenty of room for them to run and explore. There’s also a small lake for your dogs to go swimming in.

The park wields several wooded trails and a large open field. There’s a drinking fountain for your furry friend and even a place to wash off your pet. The park provides bags to pick up after your dog and trash cans marked to dispose of it. It is a large open field, so there isn’t much shade in the main area. If you’re looking for somewhere to cool off your dog on a hot day, check out the Shawnee Mission Park.

7900 Renner Road, Shawnee, Kansas | Website

2. Bar K Dog Bar

Bar K is much different from other dog parks. Picture it: a dog park combined with a bar, basically heaven for you and your pooch. If you are not a member of the bar, there is a $10 fee each time you attend. A full-year membership is $225, which can be a small price to pay for the enjoyment of this paradise. It’s a great way for you and your pup to interact with other dogs and people. There are staff members there to watch your dog while you enjoy your time at the bar. The staff is trained in how to deal with troublesome dogs. If you’re looking for a fun place for you and your dog, definitely check out Bar K.

501 Berkley Plaza, Kansas City, Missouri | Website

3. Leawoof Dog Park – Off-Leash Dog Area

The name of this park is a play on words in itself. Located in Leawood, Kansas, this dog park is filled with plenty of space and fun for your pet. It is loosely fenced but it is still off leash. There are walking trails, a large field, and a stream for your dogs to take a dip in on hot days.

This stream is great for dogs that love water and swimming; my dogs loved it. Be careful, though, because this stream gets very deep quickly. The walking trails are paved, well-shaded and wide for plenty of people and furry creatures. The field often stays muddy, even if it hasn’t rained in a while. Clean up can be stressful, so avoid the field if you’d rather not deal with it. This dog park is sure to bring a smile to you and your pup’s faces.

106th & Lee Boulevard, Leawood, Kansas | Website

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4. Stoll Off-Leash Dog Park

Stoll Dog Park has two fenced in pet areas with plenty of space for your dog to roam. There are water fountains for pet owners and the dogs, especially for those hot days. It can get muddy in some areas of the park during certain times of the year, like spring and fall, so you may have to give your furry friend a bath if they can’t resist the temptation. There are trails through a wooded area within the park that are great to take walks with your dog, on and off leash. Everyone is great about cleaning up after their dogs. Overall, this dog park is great to allow man’s best friend free range on a beautiful day and keep you worry free.

12500 W 119th St, Overland Park, Kansas | Website

5. Dogwood Park

Again, another great play on words for the name of this park. Dogwood Park, located in Lee’s Summit, is split into a small dogs and large dogs sections, with plenty of room in both. There’s a track around the large dog section for running or walking and it opens at 5 a.m., so it’s perfect for morning runs with your dog.

It’s well kept, but there are often problems with the water fountains, so be sure to bring water for you and your pups. There’s a mini water park in the large dog section to keep your furry friend cool on those especially hot days. Be sure to keep this dog park in mind when deciding on the best place for you and your pup to relax this summer.

107-109 NW Victoria Dr, Lee’s Summit, Missouri | Website

6. Waggin’ Trail Dog Park

This dog park is a bit smaller than some of the others but still includes two sections: one for dogs under 30 lbs and one for dogs over 30 lbs. There are play structures for your dog to interact and have fun using. There are also tunnels and posts for dogs to play with while enjoying their day at the park.

The park offers doggie waste bags as well. It is a well maintained park with water fountains too. There are plenty of benches for resting, but be weary of the lack of shade due to the newly planted trees. If you’re in the North Kansas City Area looking for a place to relax while your dog has the time of their life, this is the place for you.

NE 32nd and Swift, North Kansas City, Missouri | Website

7. Swope Off-Leash Dog Park

Swope Off-Leash Dog Park is a combined 6 acres of pure freedom and fun for you and your pup. There are several picnic tables throughout the park, benches located at the front and so many more amenities for everyone to utilize. Along the perimeter of the large dog side of the park is a walking trail, but be careful of the steepness of this path in some areas.

There’s a large field to play fetch with your furry friend and a wooded area for you both to explore. During the warmer months there’s a kiddie pool provided for pups to cool down in and a water fountain specifically for them. This park is securely fenced and perfect for all dogs. Keep this great dog park in mind for a great summer trip with man’s best friend.

East of Elmwood on Gregory Boulevard Kansas City, Missouri | Website

8. Tails and Trails Dog Park

This northern Kansas City dog park is great to bring your pup when they need to release some pent-up energy. There is agility equipment whether you’re training your dog or just want to teach them new tricks. It has three completely fenced in sections. It’s completely free for the public but does not provide doggie waste bags like many other dog parks do.

This park only provides one dog fountain located in the middle of the park. However, the fountain doesn’t work during the winter months. There is plenty of shade due to the woods that surrounds the majority of the park. So, don’t forget your tennis ball and water bowl on your way out to Tails and Trails Dog Park this summer!

8005 E 139 St, Grandview, Missouri | Website

9. Penn Valley Off-Leash Dog Park

The name of this dog park may not stand out too much, but the actual park speaks for itself. This large park has plenty of space for your dog to run around and make friends. There’re plenty of large trees for shade for dogs and owners alike. Located near Penn Valley Community College and The World War II Memorial museum, this dog park has great access to the highway and Broadway Blvd.

This park does not include any water fountain or bathrooms for owners, so be sure to bring a water bowl for your pooch, especially on these exceptionally hot days. Stop by this dog park sometime for the summer to make your day and theirs.

29th and Wyandotte Kansas City, Missouri | Website

10. Dog Park at Santa Fe Park

This small dog park in Independence is a cute place to let your furry best friend run free. There’s a small park and public restroom nearby for owners and children. During rainy weather, a small pond forms on the left side of the park, so be prepared for a bath when you get home from this pooch paradise. There’s an area to train your dog in agility tricks but this dog park lacks a walking trail for owners to enjoy. Don’t forget your frisbee heading out to this park this summer!

2900 S Santa Fe Rd, Independence, Missouri | Website

Now, you have a pretty good idea of how to spend your summer with your furry best friend. From places with swimming holes to nicely shaded parks, we hope this list has helped you narrow down your search for a perfect summer day. So grab your frisbee, tennis balls and water bowl and go enjoy this great weather with your pooch.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.