Don’t Wait For A Reason, Just Give

Relationships are special. We aren’t just talking about the relationship you share with your husband or partner. We are representing your mother, sister, best friend, the dog. You don’t have to be passionately in love to have a close bond with someone. Some male friends share bromances and women who see their best mate as a sister. It doesn’t matter what the bond is, what matter is that there is one.

Life would be a sad place if it weren’t for love. If we had to live our days with no close people. We would be like a lioness without her pride to care for. Just roaming through life with no real purpose.

Our friends are there for us when we need them. As a shoulder to cry on when our hearts are broken. The cheerleaders that push us the hardest to achieve the best we can. They are the team which rebuilds us if we fall and the one group we can always rely on to know when we need space. Friendship is something you cannot put a value on and a commodity we should never take for granted.

With this in mind, we think you should take more opportunity to make them feel special. Whether it be for the last minute lunch, a bunch of flowers or something more meaningful. We have pulled up a few ideas of how you can let your best friends know that you love them.

Jewelry is a beautiful, lasting statement that will stand up to your friendship. You don’t have to go for anything super expensive but do go with quality, so you know that it can be worn every day. Opals are a gorgeous stone which are said to be a stone for love. It brings the inspiration of love into a stagnant heart chakra and brings renewal. This can take the form of hot sensual love or gentler unconditional love and any shade of love in between. Opal is also said to bring fidelity to love.

Flowers may sound a little old-fashioned, but there is something so special about receiving a bunch of flowers, especially unexpected and through a delivery company. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. The yellow rose is a flower associated with friendship and joy, so maybe consider a few stems mixed with something gentle. Whoever receives these will love them.

Finally, what about a gift that keeps on giving. Birchbox is a fabulous beauty box which arrives every month to the nominated person. It can bring a real smile to the face and lift the spirits if you are having a bad day. A subscription box is a lovely idea to remind your friend every month, which they are cared for and adored. Plus they will get some gorgeous makeup too. Shares!

Don’t wait for special occasions to give your friends something precious. Often it means far more when it comes out of the blue than a day which you are expected to spoil them!

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