15 Best Earth Day Books for 3rd Grade

Hey there, ready for some Earth Day fun? Here’s the scoop on our top picks for 3rd graders!

Each book sparks eco-passion in young minds and shows how we can protect our planet!

Explore these titles to learn about sustainability, environmental stewardship, and the wonders of nature!

The EARTH Book

If you’re looking for an interesting and informative Earth Day book for 3rd graders, ‘The EARTH Book‘ is a popular choice.

This book educates kids about environmental issues and the significance of caring for our planet.

The EARTH Book
$14.99 $9.59

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03/25/2024 04:48 pm GMT

It isn’t only instructive but also environmentally aware, making it perfect for initiating discussions about sustainability.

Through its vibrant pages and engaging storytelling, ‘The EARTH Book‘ inspires young readers to be caretakers of the Earth.

Save the Bees

Discover more about bees and their essential role in pollination with the enlightening book ‘Save the Bees‘.

Save the Bees

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Bees are great for sustaining ecosystems and food production.

With this book, you can learn about the challenges they encounter and how to safeguard them.

It advocates for environmental governance and fosters admiration for these necessary pollinators.

Compost Stew

Kids will love learning about thhe world of composting with this educational book ‘Compost Stew‘.

Which creatively teaches the process of recycling organic waste.

Compost Stew

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In ‘Compost Stew’, kids learn how to turn kitchen scraps into valuable soil. The book promotes environmental stewardship and eco-friendly practices.

It educates children about sustainability and waste reduction.

Compost Stew‘ is engaging, educational, and perfect for Earth Day books.

The Curious Garden

The Curious Garden‘ by Peter Brown is the story of Liam, who transforms a dull city into a vibrant garden.

The Curious Garden
$18.99 $10.16

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This book showcases the importance of environmental governance, urban gardening, and sustainability.

Through engaging illustrations, it emphasizes the positive impact individuals can have on creating green spaces.

The Curious Garden‘ inspires readers to nurture nature, teaching 3rd graders about the significance of caring for the earth.

What a Waste

What a Waste‘ will make readers rethink their approach to waste management and embrace eco-friendly practices.

What a Waste
$16.99 $10.26

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3 graders will learn more about how recycling helps our planet by reducing waste and conserving resources.

It’s a great way to teach young children how excessive waste has serious consequences for the Earth’s health.

By recycling, we can inspire others to join in and create a more sustainable future.

Over and Under the Pond

Explore the world of ecosystems above and below a pond in the children’s book ‘Over and Under the Pond‘.

Over and Under the Pond
$18.99 $12.79

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This picture book introduces 3rd graders to the life in a pond habitat.

Through vivid illustrations, children can learn about the delicate balance between plants and animals in aquatic environments.

They’ll learn about the wonders of nature and the importance of environmental conservation

This Class Can Save the Planet

In ‘This Class Can Save the Planet‘, 3rd graders are encouraged to take positive actions towards environmental sustainability.

This Class Can Save the Planet

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They will also learn about Earth Day and the importance of conservation and caring for the Earth.

Young children will be inspired by the vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling to make a difference in their community.

The Keeper of Wild Words

The Keeper of Wild Words‘ introduces young readers into a vibrant world where nature’s beauty and importance are celebrated.

The Keeper of Wild Words
$18.99 $12.59

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This children’s book by marine biologist April Pulley encourages kids to cherish the natural world through stunning illustrations and storytelling.

It inspires environmental awareness and a desire to save the planet, fostering a deep connection to the Earth in the hearts of young readers.

Thank You, Earth

Thank You, Earth‘ by April Pulley Sayre encourages young readers to have gratitude and a sense of environmental knowledge towards our planet.

Thank You, Earth
$9.99 $8.68

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It serves as a love letter to Earth, perfect for kids. Showing kids how they can make a difference.

This book encourages readers to appreciate the natural beauty around them.

Its one of the best books on climate change by National Geographic.

A Seed Is the Start

A Seed Is the Start‘ educates 3rd graders on the role these tiny beginnings play in sustaining life on Earth.

A Seed is the Start
$17.99 $12.79

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This book tells a true story about new plant life starting from seeds.

It’s the perfect time for kids of all ages to learn about a wide range of topics like seed dispersal and plant reproduction.

This is one of the favorite Earth Day books to teach kids how to take care of our planet.

Dear Earth

Dear Earth,’ is a book that begins a journey of fostering environmental appreciation and action.

Dear Earth
$18.99 $16.10

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This book is a perfect choice for 3rd graders, as it has been praised by the New York Times for its exciting approach to teaching about the rainforest.

In ‘Dear Earth,’ children learn how small actions like reducing waste trash every day in class can save the environment.

Our Planet

Our Planet‘ educates 3rd graders on the importance of environmental conservation and inspires them to take action to protect our Earth.

Our Planet!
$18.99 $11.04

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This book showcases diverse ecosystems, fascinating wildlife, and breathtaking natural wonders.

It will spark a passion for nature in young minds.

Zonias Rain Forest

Zonia’s Rain Forest‘ is a book that offers a journey to safeguard the Amazon’s diverse ecosystem.

Zonia's Rain Forest
$17.99 $12.69

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Young readers will join Zonia on her quest to protect the rainforest.

They will uncover the colorful illustrations that animate the forest and the significance of conserving biodiversity.

We Are Water Protectors

We Are Water Protectors,’ is a compelling picture book that emphasizes the significance of safeguarding natural resources like water.

We Are Water Protectors
$17.99 $11.75

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Inspired by Indigenous-led movements, this book focuses on the cause of water conservation and environmental justice.

With powerful storytelling and stunning illustrations, it empowers young readers to stand up for the Earth.

Gorilla Gardener

Explore nature conservation and the power of plants in this children’s book, ‘Gorilla Gardener.’

Gorilla Gardener
$16.95 $13.89

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This tale empowers you to make a difference for the environment.

Here’s why this book is a must-read for 3rd graders:

  1. Educates about nature conservation.
  2. Emphasizes the significance of plants.
  3. Sparks individual environmental efforts.
  4. Promotes becoming an environmental steward.

Earth Day Books

So, there you have it! These Earth Day books for 3rd graders are the perfect way to inspire a love for our planet and all its wonders.

From learning about sustainability to exploring the beauty of nature, each book offers a unique adventure that will spark curiosity and a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

So order one of these books and join the journey towards a greener future.

Happy reading and happy Earth Day!

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