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Easy Bathroom Updates You Can Do Yourself

A complete bathroom renovation is probably not something that you’re going to do on your own. Unless it’s your day job, you probably don’t really know where to start on a bathroom remodel. However, although you might not be able to give your bathroom a complete overhaul, there are definitely some bathroom tasks that you can do yourself. With a little bit of DIY knowledge and experience, you can make some quick changes that have a big impact. In just a day or two, or sometimes just half an hour, you can update your bathroom to give it a new look.

White bathroom
The Bathroom.

Tile a Backsplash

Tiling your whole bathroom could certainly take you a while. But who says that you have to tile the whole room? You don’t have to be an expert tiler to install a fancy backsplash in one part of your bathroom. It could look great above the bath or sink, or anywhere else you feel like putting it. When you choose one small area to tile, you can keep your budget down and it becomes less complicated too. It’s easy to lay down a couple of rows of tiles. Just be sure to measure carefully and to get your tiles level.

Get Painting

Painting your bathroom is something anyone can do. A lick of paint can refresh the room and give it a brand new look. Maybe it currently has a bright color and you want to change it back to white or another neutral shade to bring more light into the room. Most of the time, you can use normal house paint to paint your bathroom. In some cases, it can be helpful to use bathroom paint that inhibits mold and mildew. However, as long as you keep your bathroom well-ventilated, normal paint should be acceptable.

Replace the Hardware

Replacing some of the hardware in your bathroom can update it and is often easier than you think. If you’ve been looking at some gorgeous faucets and thinking about replacing yours, you might be able to do it yourself. Assuming there are no problems, you can often get the job done in about an hour. If you’re not sure about tackling any plumbing, there are other things you could replace. A door handle or doorknob is pretty easy to replace if you want to, or you could replace the handles on your drawers and cabinet doors. It shouldn’t take long to do and can make a big difference.

Improve the Storage

Bathroom storage is essential to keep your bathroom organized. There are several ways you might upgrade the storage in your bathroom so that you have more space to keep everything tidy. You could install some shelves, hang some storage baskets, build a cabinet, or put in any other storage that you think would improve your bathroom. Think practically but make sure that you choose aesthetic storage solutions too.

Make some bathroom updates yourself and you could save some money, as well as have some fun doing a little DIY.


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