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Eat to Evolve Meal Delivery Review + Discount

Looking to change up your diet for a healthier lifestyle? Then look no further than “Eat to Evolve,” a service that will ship a variety of prepackaged healthy dinners to you!

I have been testing out their meals for a few weeks now and am very pleased to share how much I have been enjoying the service. If you want to try Evolve use code SCOOP15 and get 15 % off your first order.

What is Eat to Evolve?

Eat to Evolve is a food distribution service that delivers fresh, healthy, and prepackaged meals to your door. These meals are never frozen, and the only preparations they need are a few minutes in the microwave to heat up. 

Meals can be ordered separately or as part of a subscription, with weekly and bi-weekly options for how often you want to receive meals. 

While they are never frozen don’t worry you can freeze your meals if you aren’t able to eat them by the recommended date which is great so you never have to worry about missing a meal.

What foods does Eat to Evolve provide?

Eat to Evolve provides many different foods and meal plans to suit all dietary needs. The service’s foods are split into four categories: Paleo (P), Keto (K), Evolve 30 (30), and Primal (PR). 

I have been trying a variety of meals and the sides. So far some of my favorites are the grab-and-go chicken and vegetable options, egg roll in a bowl, and all of their spaghetti squash options!

I have had so much fun trying new meals and really have found myself enjoying the KETO options. It is a great way to keep myself on track without having to prep the meals or measure out everything.

What subscription options does Eat to Evolve provide?

Meal plan options include the Paleo, Keto, Evolve 30, and Chef’s Choice subscriptions. These subscriptions ship for free. Meal plan subscriptions also feature breakfast and snack add-ons. 

The Paleo meal plan consists of berries, fruits, meats, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. The Paleo diet is also known as the “caveman’s diet” since it consists of things that cavemen could hunt or gather in the wild. 

The Keto meal plan consists of similar foods found in the Paleo meal plan but replaces any starches or carbs with more fatty foods. This meal plan is best utilized to burn fat. 

The Evolve 30 meal plan consists of foods without dairy, grains, sugar, soy, or wheat. This meal plan is best used as a 30 day cleanse of any processed foods. 

For those that are indecisive, the Chef’s Choice meal plan consists of a random assortment of dinners hand-picked by Eat to Evolve’s chefs. 

Primal foods consist of non-processed meat entrees with no dairy, gluten, or wheat served with potatoes and rice. 

When and how will I receive my food?

Eat to Evolve gathers orders during the week from all around the United States. The order cutoff time is Friday at 10AMCST. The meals are cooked over the weekend and shipped out on Mondays. 

To transport the meals, Eat to Evolve utilizes their special refrigerated trucks. To distribute them to your local area, the meals are dropped off with FedEx, which delivers the food to you. 

Since meals are made fresh with no preservatives, they will not last forever. Those who order should eat their meals within a week of receiving them.

Ready to Try Evolve Meals?

I have been so happy with my experience ordering the Eat to Evolve meals. If you have ever thought about trying a meal delivery service I highly recommend giving Evolve meals a try. I love that they are based in Kansas City but have stores across the Midwest + ship nationwide!

f you’re like me counting, measuring, etc. can get overwhelming. I find it really helpful that evolve offers a variety of meals with details on carb count, calories, macros, and more. You can take the prep work out and let their chefs the cooking!

If you’re interested in giving them a try make sure to get your order in before Friday morning at 10am CST to get them delivered next week.

Use code SCOOP15 to get 15% off your first order!

Those that want to eat healthier, control their portions, or dislike cooking and food shopping should check out Eat to Evolve. To subscribe or look at their various food choices, check out the official website. 

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