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Enough Is Enough: It’s Time For The Job You Really Want

A lot of people have the mentality that work is supposed to be something you hate. You’re supposed to struggle endlessly onwards through a career which doesn’t suit your skillset, strive for goals that don’t motivate you, and do work which is, above all else, not interesting whatsoever. However, this isn’t the way work should be. You shouldn’t hate it.

Of course, you might find your work challenging. It shouldn’t be a piece of cake, by any means, but that doesn’t mean you should hate it. “Challenging” and “boring” are two very different words with two very different meanings. So, if you think that your career is stressing you out because it’s boring and not what you want to be doing with your life then it’s time to say “enough is enough”. Here’s some advice on getting the job you really want.

Don’t neglect your creative talents.

So many people enter the workplace with the idea that all jobs fall into very basic and similar “desk job” roles. You need to open your mind to the many possibilities out there, however, because there are so many different work opportunities for people of all skillsets and interests. If you’re a creative person then you could look into teaching as a great role to fulfill your creative, academic, and caring needs. You could also look into more traditional office-based businesses and go into marketing if you’re a wordsmith or graphic design if you’re a good drawer. The point is that you need to think outside the box.

Do you like helping others?

A career in healthcare can be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding if you’re somebody who thrives on the idea of helping others. It’s never too late to get stuck into this industry either because it’s so vast and there are so many different job roles available. Above all else, many of these jobs are in high demand (the more people there are in the world, the more carers we need to look after them). You might want to look into an online RNBSN program to get a nursing qualification. You’ll obviously need to do specific training and likely get specific qualifications depending on the role you want but, once again, it’s never too late to get started.

Of course, a job in healthcare could extend to issues of mental health if you’re not keen on the idea of working in an environment involved issues of physical health. You could go into a career in therapy or counseling if you’d rather help people by guiding them through their emotional and mental struggles. The healthcare industry is huge and multifaceted; if one part of it doesn’t fascinate you but you know you want to help other people then dig a little deeper. Do some research into the types of health jobs out there.

Remember that this isn’t your “last chance”.

As a closing piece of advice, you should keep reminding yourself that you don’t only get “one chance” to choose a better career. You can give something a go and then change your mind; you’re never trapped in a certain job role. You have the freedom and capacity to move onto newer and better things if something doesn’t work out. The goal is to find something which suits your personality, interests, and talents; if something doesn’t feel right in a certain job then it’s most likely a role that’s lacking in one of those three areas. Keep searching and it’ll all come together. Choose something which makes you happy.

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