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Entrepreneur Alexa Fischer Gives the Scoop on her Wish Granting Bracelets

The Sarah Scoop Show chatted with online educator, speaker, and entrepreneur Alexa Fischer about her start as a business owner. Fischer is known for her creation of Wishbead bracelets. These beaded bands hold more than just beauty, they help grant wishes! Fischer even told us about her life as on online motivator during a pandemic.

Catch up on all the details from the full video interview below:


Alexa Fischer told us all about how Wishbeads work with the power of intention. She believes our inner thoughts control how we perceive the world, and we get to pick exactly what role we play. Wearing the Wishbeads helps create a visible reminder that you are in power of manifesting your dream.

(ic: Uncommon Goods)

The idea came downloaded to me in the shower. The name Wishbeads and the idea of seeing your wish in detail, writing it down, and wearing it as a visible reminder to take action came fully formed in a download.”

-Alexa Fisher

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Check out her website as well for more info on her online training courses and the official Wishbeads site to check them out for yourself!

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