Everything You Need to Know About a Dermaplane Facial

If you’re like me then you know I’m all about skincare! Anything I can do to keep my face looking healthy and fresh, I’ll do. I recently had one done and I’m here to give you the scoop on all things derma facial.

What is it?

Basically what it is, is a surgical blade that will exfoliate the skin and also get rid of the fine hairs we all have on our faces. The facial technician will make teeny tiny strokes starting at the bottom of you face and work her way up. And the best part is that the hair won’t grow back darker or thicker, like most people think. It will just give you a nice fresh, glow face. This procedure lasts only 15-30 minutes! After the procedure you are free to go about your normal day and put any makeup on if you desire!

What to Know Before

There really isn’t prep work for before you get the facial done. You can even come with makeup on and they will take it off for you. You can come as you are! Just don’t go in with sunburned skin!!!

Three Step Process

  1. The technician will cleanse your skin, getting rid of any dirt, oils, or makeup left sitting on the skin.
  2. Next, they will dry your skin so there is no more moisture left on the top layer of your skin that they will be working on.
  3. The dermablade process begins!

After the Procedure

After the procedure you are free to go about your normal day and put any makeup on if you desire! Make sure that in the days following you are continuing to exfoliate your skin and keep following your usual skin routine.

Dermaplane facials are great for any skin type especially if you feel like you have a lot of fine hairs on your face. It’s perfect for people who don’t like to wax or do other things to get rid of the hair that naturally grows on our faces! It’s great for an everyday person and even before a big event if you want that little boost of confidence!

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