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Everything You Need to Know About EMSCULPT

It seems like every time we log on to our Instagram or Facebook, there is a new fad medical procedure that foretells of magical fat-burning capabilities that will get your body in tip top shape, without spending time in the gym.

Between CoolSculpting, LipoSuction and a myriad of laser techniques, its hard to figure out exactly which promise holds water. I tried one of the latest body contouring methods, EMSCULPT, to find out what this is all about.

EmSculpt Details

When it comes to new fat-burning treatments, you can guarantee most of us are ready to volunteer as a tester. EMSCULPT is a new way to burn fat while building muscle, and I had the chance to try it at the Monarch Skin Rejuvenation and Plastic Surgery office.

If you are thinking about trying it for yourself, I’ve got everything you need to know; the information, results, and opinions straight from an EmSculpt technician herself. Ashley was my assigned technician and she absolutely diminished any doubts I had about the procedure by giving me a very thorough break down of the entire process.

She even had her own opinion to share about her experience with EMSCULPT. I really appreciated this because its always nice to know that the people handling the technology truly believe in the benefits and have tried it for themselves.

EmSculpt is a relatively recent development in the world of medspas. This technique can be done by an esthetician and is completely non-invasive. It is used to enhance the muscles in your core and glutes while decreasing the fat cells.

The entire appointment lasts about 30 minutes per area, so if you want to get both areas done in the same day, allow yourself an entire hour for the appointment, with a total of 4 appointments to achieve maximum results. I went 4 times within two weeks about every couple of days and only focused on my abdominal area.

Facts About EmSculpt

The machine used for the emsculpt procedure emits high-intensity focused electromagnetic pulses (hence the name EmSculpt) into the muscles of the surrounding area, penetrating deep into the tissue, deeper than normal exercise could reach.

For example, most people only reach about 20% of their potential muscle contractions during an intense workout, while professional athletes can reach up to 40 to 50%. EmSculpt allows for 100% supramaximal contractions in your muscle tissue, which are virtually impossible to reach in a normal workout, and is about the same as doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats. Even Serena Williams couldn’t get on the same level as this machine!

You may be thinking that 20,000 sit-ups in one hour will have you sore and wanting to lay down and never get up again, but you’d be wrong! While sending pulses into your muscles, the tapping that the machine emits during treatment actually reduces lactic acid build up in your tissue, lactic acid being the main cause of muscle soreness. There’s virtually no downtime after your appointments.

Ashley at Monarch Plastic Surgery wanted to emphasize that EmSculpt is NOT a cure-all, exercise replacement type of technique. When coupled with the right lifestyle, most patients see a 20% reduction in fat and 19% increase in overall muscle tone in the areas that were treated. The procedure keeps working over the course of 6 months, with some patients even seeing a 23% decrease in fat after their initial appointments.

My Experience

I had a great experience trying Emsculpt. I had 4 appointments within two weeks and was able to reach 100% contractions each time. You can definitely feel it as your abs contract, but I would not describe it as painful, its more of an uncomfortable sensation. The hardest part was laying down and trying to relax, as it is quite an odd feeling.

However, Ashley at Monarch made me feel very reassured and I am so excited to see my results. I already feel like my stomach area is tighter and stronger! Most people see results in two months, so I will be excited to see what is to come.

Learn More About Monarch Skin Rejuvenation and Plastic Surgery

Monarch Skin Rejuvenation and Plastic Surgery offers free consultations for the EMSCULPT treatment with a specialized technician like Ashley. They are located in Kansas. Check out their website for more information about this treatment and many more.

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