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Everything You Need to Know About the Wicker Trend

When we think wicker, the image that comes to mind is probably your grandma’s wicker baskets that she has all over the house or your neighbors old wicker outdoor furniture. Welcome to 2020, where wicker has been reinvented and is now a stylish home decor trend that is blowing up.

Photo from Pinterest.

“Wicker” is actually a technique of making products out of interweaving materials like willow, cane, and rattan woods together. This can create hundreds of trendy patterns and home products ranging from kitchen place mats to outdoor couches.

Old painted wicker is out, the organic wood tones are in. The lighter color of wicker is trendier now for decor than it’s dense colored past relatives. The natural colors of wicker furniture and accessories will match with every room of the house and provide a feel of warmth.

The key with this trend is to mix up the patterns and check out the more unique and funky styles. Pieces that have spaces in between the woven wood are new and beautiful to put in a home space. They provide texture without being too crazy for people with a neutral vibe. All great for people with a natural chic, bohemian, or coastal aesthetic to their spaces.

Here are a few great pieces to try the wicker trend out without feeling overwhelmed by the material: light fixtures, accent chairs, baskets, mirrors, and shelves.

When styling the wicker trend in your home, make sure you pair it with a variety of other textures. Wood is perfect matched with clean tones like black and white. Wicker and softer materials from rugs, blankets, and accent pillows are always perfect as well.

To get more inspiration on the wicker trend, check out Pinterest.

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