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Exclusive Interview: GinaMarie Zimmerman From Big Brother 15

GinaMarie Zimmerman was a contestant on the CBS’ hit reality show Big Brother in season 15 where she competed to win a half a million dollar cash prize!

Since then, she stepped up her game by participating in events, movies and even dipping her hands in music. What else should we expect from her? A new reality show? Surely, but it’s hush hush for the moment.

How GinaMarie got on Big Brother

When asked how she got on the show GinaMarie gave us some insight on her journey to the reality TV show.

“I was always a fan of Big Brother. I wasn’t a super-duper fan and it was kinda like mhhh… you can possibly win half a million dollars. I think I’m gonna try to audition for that. And I’ve always been super competitive. I love, just being a kid. If it’s riding a bike, playing basketball, jumping in those things. I’ve always been competitive and always active with dance, so I was like mhhh this is literally perfect for me.”

“They had an open call audition on Staten Island. I’m like, I got dance class, so I really can’t make it, so I ended up sending a videotape. I made this video of me having fake bullets ‘cause it was around Halloween time, and I was just doing the zombie apocalypse video. I didn’t really care if I got in the show or stuff like that. I was ‘what’s up.’ We can send in this videotape. Gotta act like I really don’t care because if I get it, I get it, if I don’t, I don’t. No big deal. I get to send the videotape in on a Wednesday, and I got a call back on a Friday. I was like ‘Yeah, look we are gonna be on the show Ginamarie. We are gonna kick some butts.'”

If you are planning on trying for Big Brother remember you don’t have to go to the open call auditions. A video might just do the trick. Just remember to be honest about yourself. Don’t lie about who you are and what you do.

Her take on living in the house

Living in a house with 15 other people can be hard, but GinaMarie loved every second of it. “It’s bittersweet and crazy. It’s fun, exciting and mentally and physically draining. But would I trade it for anything in the world, the experience? Absolutely not! Because it’s just an experience only a handful of people can experience, and I’m grateful to actually be one of those people.”

How would you deal with living in the Big Brother house with no cell phone and social media? It was hard for Ginamarie. Would you survive? Let us know!

Her life after Big Brother

It can be hard transitioning from being completely cut off from the world, to being thrown back into it. GinaMarie transitioned back like a pro. “It’s just super amazing afterwards. Years later, and every time someone comes to the house, we have more like an instant family, and I feel like every year my family just grows and grows.”

“You’re like a mini celebrity, like people know you on the street, and it’s just so cool. You know, I got a lot of opportunities from being in the show. I have music on iTunes, I’ve been in a movie, I meet movie stars and I get invited to events. I just feel very lucky to be able to do that type of stuff and meet the people that I meet, and have such a joyful life that I do have.”

Advice for future house guests

Her advice for future house guests is to just be yourself no matter what. “My only advice that anyone ever comes up to me, either DMs me or asks me in person, is be yourself. You’re not playing a character. You don’t wanna be like ‘Look, I’m gonna be the next Derek,’ ‘I’m gonna be the next GinaMarie.’ No, you don’t want that. You wanna be yourself.”

“Because, you know, there is one one of you, so why not make it the best and show the world who you are? So my advice all Big Brother fans out there for auditioning or being in the house, just be you because you are amazing.”

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