Exclusive Interview: Glenn Garcia From Big Brother 18

Glenn Garcia participated as a house guest in CBS’ hit reality TV show Big Brother season 18. From being a narcotics detective to becoming a dog groomer- Glenn Garcia had quite the journey!

Big Brother Trivia: Do you know how long Glenn stayed in the house?

Keep reading to find out!

How Glenn got on the show

“Definitely a huge super fan. I’ve been watching it with my family for years. They even got my daughter watching it now. She is really into it.”

“I did it because everyone thought I couldn’t do it, and that’s what happened. So I just went in, and did the whole process like everyone else. I went online and did a video then next thing I know, I got a call for the open call. I went down, and it was just a snowball effect.”

Glenn got called on his first try, but if you applied and didn’t get in, don’t give up. It’s more common to apply multiple times before getting accepted than getting accepted the first time. Glenn confided in us that he knew people who tried 5,6,7 times before getting the chance to live in the Big Brother house. There is always hope!

His strategy

Having a strategy is super important in Big Brother. The games don’t only require a physical skill to pass, but also mental and social skills. “I was gonna go in as that dumb old guy who didn’t know, you know, the game and just played dumb… I wasn’t gonna let nobody know about my prior of when I was a New York City detective. So I would just tell everybody that I was a dog groomer, just lay low and act, you know, like I didn’t know nothing. So that was my plan going in the first time.”

“If I ever got the opportunity to go back in, now I’m exposed. Everybody knows what I did for a living, what I do. So I would have to change it up!”

How Glenn prepared for Big Brother

“I never knew I was gonna be on the show. It’s such a long process. I would have trained, I would have done stuff. They never let, you know, and they never tell you how you’re doing. The only thing thing you know, ‘Oh, you made the next step.'”

“The minute I knew I was in the house was the day that they brought me in blindfolded, and I did my interview with Jeff.”

How long he was in the house

“I was in there for exactly 27 hours.”

Did you remember it? Did you answer our trivia question correctly? Let us know in the comments section.

Advice for future contestants

“The best advice I can give is be yourself— don’t try to be somebody else. Don’t try to be like a character. What they wanna see is you, the best you and what you’re about.”

“Follow your dreams man. If you really really want it go for it.”

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The answers have been shortened and edited for clarity purpose.

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