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Exclusive Interview: Josh Martinez from Big Brother 19

Season 19 of Big Brother saw Josh Martinez win it all, beating house guest Paul Abrahamian. Josh made a big impact on the house with his outgoing personality. Find out how he got on the show, what happened in the house and more unknown facts.

Josh is actually a super fan


“Super fans either make it really far or they usually go early.”

It’s not unusual for a super fan to get to compete inside the house. The choice to tell other house guests that you are one is a risky move to make. “It’s crazy, honestly, I’ve been a fan since I was fourteen, so it’s really crazy to think that I actually won Big Brother. Every time that I hear it, it’s been four months, going on four months, and every time I hear it, it’s like the best feeling in the world. It’s a dream come true.”

Super fans are typically the biggest targets in the house. Players know that they know the game well and have seen other house guests strategies. They could be a potential threat in the house and are usually the first to go. Fortunately Josh did not disclose that information about himself.

Josh’s strategy in the game

Josh decided to plan his strategy around being a super fan. “If I down played how much I knew the game, or how well I knew the dynamic of the social game and how Big Brother worked, I knew that people would overlook me and underestimate me, so that really worked to my advantage not sharing with the house that I was a super fan.”

Josh’s strategy in the beginning was to not talk about past seasons. He didn’t want the other house guests to know how big of a fan he really was. This was hard for him since the first couple of days all the house guests talked about the past seasons. He came across as antisocial at first, but obviously this strategy helped him in the long run.

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Getting on the show

Josh had originally tried out for Big Brother Over the Top and Big Brother 18. He didn’t make it very far into the process, but it all changed the next year. The casting crew called him again after he resubmitted the video he had previously made for Big Brother Over the Top in August. He received a call back in January. Josh said that he was opinionated in his interviews, and that’s what stuck most with production.  

Josh’s time in the house


“It’s a once in a lifetime experience, so I wanted to live it to its fullest.”

“I was sequestered for twelve days and then I went into the house. So that was really hard not having any communication with my family.” Josh is very close with his family; he even owns a company with his brother. Being the first house guest sequestered was not an easy task.

The house guests getting along are the moments that Josh wished production would’ve shown. Such as the times they would wake up in the morning and dance and all would get along for a while. Although what was shown on television was accurate, they didn’t show all of the loving moments they shared.

Watch the full interview with Josh above. Learn more about his plans for the future, why he banged the pots and how he came up with the nickname ‘Meatball’ for certain house guests.

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