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Exclusive Interview: Kevin Schlehuber From Big Brother 19

Kevin was the oldest house guest during season 19 of CBS’ hit reality TV show Big Brother. We got an exclusive interview on how the season went and some facts viewers may not have known about the stay-at-home dad of seven.

How Kevin got on the show

Although Kevin himself had never really watched Big Brother, his daughters were huge fans of the show. “My daughters are in the room and a commercial comes on, and I say, ‘I can go on that show,’ and I knew they were super fans, but I was just messing around. It was a commercial that read open casting in Boston.” His daughters convinced him to just go and give it a try.

Kevin ran into the guy who was running the open casting call while he was waiting to meet one of his daughters. He had no idea who the man was at first, and he just started up a conversation with him. Later on he learned it was a member of production, and the man liked Kevin so much that the production brought him in for more interviews.

Kevin had never watched the show


“When Paul came into the house, I thought he was delivering Pizza.”

Kevin brought 10 suits with him into the house. Four or five of them were taken away because they were too ‘loud.’ Since he had never seen the show before, he brought the suits because he thought they would leave the house to go out to eat for dinner. He quickly learned that they did not go out to eat and that they had to cook for themselves. His suits still looked great during the live shows.

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What he would do differently


“The comps that were quote on quote won by certain people, I wouldn’t agree with letting them win.”

Kevin thought they were all working as a team. He realizes now that he should’ve done better physically and won more comps for himself. If he could go back into the house, that’s what he would do differently. Especially now that he knows how to play the game. Although he didn’t come out on top, Kevin is still grateful for his time in the Big Brother house.

Make sure to watch the full interview with Kevin. Get more insight on the first thing he did when he got out of the house, fatherly advices and more interesting facts about his time on Big Brother.

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