Exclusive Interview: Lily McManus From The Bachelor Winter Games

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Lily got her start in Bachelor nation from the Bachelor New Zealand. She was one of the youngest contestants at just the age of 21 and after her season she went on to join the Bachelor Winter Games. We got the chance to catch up with Lily as she made her way on a road trip.

How she got on the show

“I didn’t actually know I was being entered in it until I was getting a phone call basically like your audition is at this time.”

Lily’s mother actually signed her up for the Bachelor New Zealand. Lily got a random phone call from producers telling her when her audition would be. The phone call was a joke between her and her friends and family for a long time. After that, one day they said why not and Lily decided to reach back out to producers and the rest is history.

When it came to the Bachelor Winter Games she was more than ready to go on. The show occurred a year after her journey on the Bachelor New Zealand. However, many fans thought she wasn’t ready, but she said that at her age she bounced back quickly.

Her advice on finding love

“No matter what anyone tells you or no matter what character they push you to be, is to just stick to yourself because you will attract the right person that way.”

Lily wants fans to remember that you always want to be yourself. If you are who you want to be from the beginning you will attract more people who will genuinely like you.

Being on the Bachelor at a young age

“21 you know she must be so immature.”

Lily was the youngest contestant at just the age of 21 when she went onto the Bachelor New Zealand. Many fans thought that she would be too immature to participate on the show. However, Lily quickly proved viewers wrong. She showed fans that she was more mature than most 26 year olds on the show. The biggest thing for her was to just get to know the person.

Listen to the full interview and learn more about Lily’s journey in the Bachelor world. Be sure to get the scoop on more Bachelor blogs and exclusive interviews!

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