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Exclusive Interview: Ramses Soto From Big Brother 19

Ramses Soto always knew he would be on Big Brother after he watch season 16 for the first time. He constantly told his friends he would be in the house when he turned 21. “If I ever want to be on a TV show, this is the show for me. I really want to be on this show. So I just went for it.” During season 19 he got that chance.

His strategy


“I played the game that I wanted to play”

Strategy is probably one of the most important parts of the game. You want to be sure you know what your mindset will be going into the house and what kind of impression you want to make. Ramses hoped that his would take him far in the game. “I wanted to play a very chill game. I also knew having a strategy of just laying low and straight up be yourself. Being myself has gotten me a lot in life, you know. Just being nice and bubbly and being genuine. I felt like being like that in the house was gonna get me far, but sadly it didn’t.”

Advice for future house guests

“You really don’t expect all of the emotional stress and all the emotional connections.”

When it comes to what to pack for the Big Brother house, Ramses recommends to pack a lot of comfortable clothes. You also want to pack some nicer clothes for the live episodes. House guests get the duffel bag and an extra bag. They have to pack all of their necessities for potentially three months.


Social game is very important inside the house. “The social game is really big in that house because in the end people are mostly gonna vote on social because they might not know all your strategy. Make sure you have small conversations with everybody about possibilities. The game connection is what gets you far with people.”

Ramses social game was actually pretty good. He stuck true to his words and tried his best to talk to everyone, although he wishes he would have done it more.

Make sure to listen to the full interview with Ramses. Learn more about what he regrets and what he doesn’t regret and who he had a secret alliance with.

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