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Exclusive Interview: Raven Walton from Big Brother 19

Raven Walton was a contestant for the CBS hit show’s Big Brother in season 19. She competed together with 16 other contestants to win $500,000. Raven didn’t win the money prize, but she won what many consider more important — a chance at love.

How Raven got on the show

“I’m a Big Brother super fan. I’ve watched it since I’ve been old enough to watch it, 11 or 12, and so. I remember when I was trying out and thinking ‘They are not gonna pick me.’ None of the auditions for this were super close to where I live at ’cause, well I live in Arkansas, out in the middle of nowhere, so I was like what I’m gonna do. So, I just sent in a video. Just me, literally just talking about why I wanna be on Big Brother, why I thought I should be on Big Brother. I didn’t try to be anyone else in previous seasons, I was just me. This is what I bring to the table, like it or not, pick me or not, this is what I’ve got. And I literally — they called me, and I was like… next think I know, I was on Big Brother. I was like ‘how did this happen?'”

Being picked to participate in the show is not an easy feat! Even though she left the house, Raven still has a hard time believing that everything really happened.

“I still can’t believe it. I still have moments when I think back, and I’m like ‘I did that.’ Like, you know, it is just so cool to think back and ‘Oh my God! That was such a fun competition!’ Or like ‘Oh my God!'”

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What she would change if she went back on Big Brother

“100 percent. If I went back in the house, I even told my friends, my parents, my mom, everyone ‘Don’t watch me!’ ’cause I’m gonna be a complete savage. I might be voted off first if I got back in the house, ’cause I played the game way too nice the first time. If I went back in the house I’d just be: ‘You know what? You’re all gone.'”

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Her showmance with Matt

“The showmance has turned into a real life romance. I mean, it’s kinda crazy. I never though I’d go to Big Brother and find someone I’d fall in love with, which is kind of bizarre when you say it out loud. Like you went on reality TV show and found someone that you love. Like, what happened? We are still together…”

“… We are going strong, and it’s so funny when people see us out and like ‘Oh my God! You guys are still together!’ And we’re like ‘Yes, we are!'”

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How long it took for her showmance to start

“When we first meet, we just kinda knew we were going to be instant friends. We just kinda had chemistry going. And I remember the first five days, we washed dishes together, we messed with each other. Matthew and I like pranking each other and mess with each other all the time. It is part of our relationship. And it was so funny because, I always tease him now, because like ‘It took you 17 days to kiss me,’ and he’s like ‘No, I didn’t!’ and I’m like ‘Yes, you did!’ But we got close, we got to know each other before we became a showmance per se.”

Raven and Matthew love story started on the reality TV show, but now that they are both out, they keep working on their relationship and their new acquired fame. Luckily travelling to see each other isn’t too hard since Raven owns her own business. She goes to see him often. Do you think the Maven romance is #relationshipgoals? Let us know.

Advice for future contestants

Much like other past house guest Raven has great advice. Her best advice is to just be yourself. “If you’re going to audition in person, dress as you’d normally dress. Be you! If your job is a nine-to-five, you’re a businessman, you come home, like, that’s your life. Don’t try to be like ‘Oh, this is not me. This is a version of me.’ They are not gonna pick you because you have to be yourself throughout the show.”

“And if you’re doing an online video, try to make it about yourself… Make it personal. If you have a child, put the child in the video. Make that part of, you know, who you are so that way they can be “Oh, that’s a good story.'”

Do you want to know more about Raven Walton and her insider story as a Big Brother contestant? Listen to the full interview to get the full scoop!

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The answers have been shortened and edited for clarity purpose.

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